Faux Pas

Faux Pas for Front Desks: Avoiding Client Issues


Although there is no denying that one of the more important tasks of a telephone answering employee is to engage properly with anyone contacting the company, it must be noted that having patience is absolutely imperative for these staff. Indeed, it is all very well being keen to go on about the sorts of discounts and other offers we may be able to offer the potential customer or client, but if we do not take time to listen to what these important people have to say, our actions could become counter-productive.

However, by being willing to look at what some business experts have to say on ways to avoid losing customers due to poor telephone answering practices, bosses with big ambitions may be able to create a highly productive enterprise.

Good Listeners

There are websites you can check to find out the most important qualities of a receptionist. Checking these websites are one way for company directors or managers of front desk staff to appreciate the sorts of qualities they should be looking for in any reception staff they are considering hiring.

Of course, experienced businesspeople that have had their fair share of problems with unruly or unprofessional phone answering employees are bound to get in touch with firms providing the very best in virtual receptionists for their client solutions.


Most people involved in the recruitment of telephone answering staff will not need telling of the importance of hiring staff who display the ability to remain patient during their interview. Indeed, the last thing any business would want is to have one or more reception staff that are unwilling to wait for the potential or existing client to explain what it is they are actually calling about.

If we do decide to contact Reception HQ answering service as a means to finding the perfect solution to our current front office problems, we may be able to put our telephone answering troubles behind us for good. However, in order to truly appreciate where some of our phone answering staff may have been going wrong when talking to customers, it would be wise to carry out at least some online research on the subject.

Fortunately, there are some great websites that provide plenty of useful advice on the sorts of things receptionists should avoid if they do not want to upset a potential client including the following points:

  1. Do not say you will put them on speakerphone
  2. Do not correct their grammar
  3. Make sure you are never rude to the caller
  4. Make sure you do not interrupt them when they are speaking
  5. Do not yawn or sound uninterested in what they have to say


It goes without saying that people being offered as professional phone answering operatives from a company providing virtual reception solutions will have received proper training by the firm or by another company. Of course, one of the most important aspects of being able to avoid faux pas in business telephone conversations is remembering some of the more basic telephone answering rules or etiquette to follow.

Indeed, one thing that inexperienced or young receptionists should take into consideration is just how polite telephone receptionists of bygone years tended to be and the benefits they received in terms of the business relationship they were able to build with their customers.


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