Fall 2018 a Guide to Renewed Seasons

Fall 2018 a Guide to Renewed Seasons


Bored, as you have nothing to watch? Tired of watching your favorite Friends episode on repeat because there is nothing new to watch? Don’t you worry, fall is just around the corner and many shows that have been renewed for 2018-19 will be back after the season break and some are about to premiere.

There are a billion television shows out there and keeping track of all of them would not be possible for you, so to help you out, we have compiled a list of the most watched shows that have been renewed for this year and new episodes that will be broadcasted soon. Not just that, we have some inside scoop on the shows too!

Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for Season 15! The most awaited medical show (yes, it beats Scrubs and House MD) is all set to launch on Thursday, September 27, 2018, in the United States with a special super-sized two-hour premiere! The Grey Sloan Hospital will be welcoming Nashville star, Chris Carmack!

Chris will star as an orthopedic surgeon who is so good at what he does that people refer to him as the ‘Ortho God’. Kim Raver aka Teddy Altman makes a comeback. As the last season closed, Teddy Altman reveals her pregnancy as she takes the job of interim chief after Dr. Miranda Bailey decides to take a break from work.

In the finale’s cliffhanger, we are left to guess who is the baby-daddy to  Altman’s child. Everyone’s favorite Arizona Robbins bid farewell in the last season along with April Kepner. Arizona is seen handing in her resignation as she moves to New York to be with her daughter Sofia. April quits her job to volunteer at a homeless shelter after things rekindle with Matthew, and they both spontaneously decide to get married.

“Ozark” Season 2 Premieres on August 31, 2018, after a finale that kept viewers up for many nights.

Brutal is the only word for Orzak’s season one finale.  Ozark is not for the fainthearted, to say the least.  As his journey begins, Jason Bateman, the star, director and executive producer, stuck to a guns blazing approach.

The Netflix must watch, ended on a chilling cliffhanger after Lisa Emery, who plays Darlene Snell, murdered Del, a cartel gang member. Season two is going to pick off right where things were left hanging mid-air.

Every one favorite family is back to this fall but unfortunately, this may be the last time. Although Modern Family has been renewed for the 10th season, there are high chances of this being the final season.

Modern Family season 10 will premiere on Wednesday, 26 September at its usual time, 9 p.m. The Wednesday comedy line up which includes The Goldbergs, Modern Family, The American Housewife and a new show called Single Parents are best not to be missed.

So if you are upset about The Originals ending, these shows will definitely help cheer you up.


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