SEO is a wide set of techniques and methods implemented by a professional having rich knowledge and vast experience to enhance the online visibility of a website. Doing so, will significantly foster the traffic to the website, and then improve the lead conversion rate.

 Search Engine Optimisation is a further divided into two broad sections, one is the on-page SEO and the other being the off-page SEO. Under the on-page SEO, necessary changes are made at the backend of the site to ensure it adheres to the guidelines of top search engines like the Google. On the other hand, off-page SEO is a long-term procedure that involves doing tasks to bring more traffic to the website. While off-page SEO takes months to bring results, the on-page SEO reflects immediately on your site visibility on various search engines. One of the most crucial yet overlooked part of on-page SEO is the image optimisation. Optimisation of the image is done to help a site rank high on Google. It involves necessary efforts so that the images on your site align with Google policy on image optimisation.

The Site Loading Speed

With the online world getting neck-throat competitive than ever, today probably no one has time to wait for your site to load. But, probably be wondering, what is the relationship between site loading speed and the image optimisations. There is a direct linkage if your site an e-commerce store flooded with product images you shop will take ages to load. However, as a business owner, you can overcome this barrier by reducing the size of the images in terms of their pixels. The SEO consultants Essex have advanced tools and online platforms to automate this job.

Relevant Images

Another essential aspect of SEO image optimisation is having relevant images that portray your company’s message. Several independent surveys have shown the Internet users first react to the images rather than reading your long content. The images should be such they instantly grab the attention of the crowd and inspire the readers to take action.

High-quality Format

Top search engines like the Google give higher priority to sites those having high-resolution images. If your site contains low-resolution pictures, the odds are high they will get distorted when viewed on a mobile screen or the tablet. Ideally, the JPEG format is recommended by the SEO consultants Essex. On the other hand, the GIF images are only meant to make the site appeal more attractive. The PNG format is nowadays getting a lot of popularity as the size is small, and the resolution is good.

Image optimisation is a professional job that works well when done by a qualified SEO company with vast experience and extensive expertise.