Essentials of Exodus Kodi and Using VPN for Torrenting


Exodus is a Kodi add-on, which enables the users to gain access to a massive amount of content through Kodi. Using Exodus, you can stream a wide variety of content entirely free. Exodus helps to aggregate video streams from the internet and make it available through the Kodi user interface. Thus, you can access content from anywhere in the world. However, Exodus Kodi streams are not entirely consistent. This is not like how you tune to the scheduled programs on Exodus. Some of the streams may be consistent, but there may be many which go off overnight.

By using Exodus, you have to search for what you want and then play. In fact, there are plenty of choices on any variety on Exodus, but by cutting off the junk. However, all the streams you find on exodus Kodi are not licensed broadcasts.

So, while accessing Exodus Kodi, it is advisable to use an excellent VPN service also, which may help make your internet access private and secured. Let’s explore some options.

Top VPNs for Torrenting

The issues related to copyright infringement of video content and online media is increasing lately, and people are looking for much smarter and safer ways for torrenting to stay safe and secure. Another fact is that the media companies are now closely monitoring the torrent traffic by collecting the IP addresses of the users. Based on the location you live, you may also receive some copyright violated content and notices from the ISPs.

It is a fact that different torrent clients offer various encryption options; however, these alone may not protect you in full. Media companies may be running networking of the monitoring nodes, and others may have a different approach. If you end up connecting to any of these nodes without being protected by a VPN, your identity is at risk.

VPNs for torrenting

Here are some of the best free VPN for torrenting

  • ExpressVPN is not free; however, it offers a 30day trial. It has high speeds and high security, which can keep you safe from data leaks.
  • is another excellent VPN for torrents which offer a very secure and leak-proof experience along with reassuring speeds.

Exodus was developed and released by Cold Fire, which is an independent consortium of developers. However, Cold Fire dropped the project, and later a team of volunteers stepped into the maintenance of this application, which is now being used by millions across the globe.

In fact, now there is no official channel for Exodus so you may not find it at any mainstream project site. You can scour the internet to finding out Exodus Install Repository or another repository where Exodus is listed to download it. The availability of this app tends to shift based on market conditions. Lazy Kodi Repo is one of the best places from where you can get Exodus for Kodi now.

However, as discussed above, you are going ahead and downloading Exodus, and then you need protection by using a good VPN service. It is best to have a VPN which is based on the country with strong privacy laws and can protect you online. If you are located in the US, then use the servers outside the US for streaming. Moon Lamp Always make sure that your VPN connection is on before opening Exodus.

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