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Essential Tools for a Successful Blogger

Successful Blogger

For the outside world, the life of a blogger is a simple one. You write interesting articles and get paid for them. No hassle, no commute to work and no long hours at the office. Well, this is just the mythical image of a blogger. In reality, they have to work hard, harder than those who have a 9 to five job.

From researching topics to promoting content, a blogger needs to keep up with a lot of tasks to be able to survive from this type of business. To make their life easier, a successful blogger can rely on a number of tools to make their life easier and their business more profitable.

Google analytics or an alternative

Google analytics is still one of the most popular analytics tools for anyone who owns or manages a blog. It provides essential information on how your blog posts perform and how they can be optimized to provide more value for your readers. If you want to know more about your content, you can opt for analytics alternative which provide more options and allows you to gather more data about your readers’ behavior. This enables you to interpret the information more accurate and optimize your site according to your audience’s needs.

Blog topic generators

Writers are creative people, but even they can hit a roadblock. In fact, staring at a white page is one of the worst things a blogger can experience and this is when a blog topic generator comes in handy. Most blog topic generators are able to provide multiple topics based on a number of keywords, helping the blogger overcome writer’s block.

Grammar checker

When you write a lot, you might easily oversee a grammar mistake. In fact, many writers are prone to miss small mistakes when they proofread, because their brain reads the correct version of the word instead of the written one. To make sure you never publish an article with grammar mistakes, you should be using a grammar checker. Editing is about 80% of all a writer’s job and having the help of a grammar checker tool will simplify your work, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

A readability tool

A great blog is not just a good idea written in good grammar: it also needs to be easy to read. This is where a readability tool can prove its usefulness, by highlighting the phrases that are too hard to read. Most readability tools provide suggestions on how to improve your blog and make it easier to understand by your audience. On the long term, using this tool to create user-friendly articles is going to increase your site’s rating, increasing its position in the search engine results.  

Headline scoring tool

A great headline is going to attract readers, so you can use a headline analyzer to see how good is your headline. The best headline scoring tools provide suggestions on how to improve the title, so it can grab someone’s attention in a couple of seconds.

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