Error-Free Solutions to Fix ‘Access Database Error 3021’ Effortlessly
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Error-Free Solutions to Fix ‘Access Database Error 3021’ Effortlessly


Is your MS Access database continuously displaying “Access Error 3021” every time? Is your Access shows No Current Record Error when you try to open record it shows? Do not worry! Here, we have come up with a flawless article. Today! We are going to explain multiple methods to fix MS Access corruption error.

This error generally appears when the corruption issue occurs in the Access database. If you are also one of the users who confront this error while working on an Access database. So, you are a perfect place. Today! We are going to describe the various effective methods to resolve this issue. Mainly, we are going to explain a manual and professional way for how to fix Access database error 3021. Hence, stay connected to understand and get more information about this Access error 3021.

Attention Note!

This ‘No Current Record’ error 3021 occurs due to corruption issue in MS Access database. To resolve this issue instantly, you can utilize Free Access Database Recovery Software demo version. Using this utility, you can rid of this issue without any hassle.

Free Methods to Resolve Access Database Error 3021

After knowing the symptoms and causes behind this ‘no current record error’ in access. Its time to fix this as soon as possible. To do so, we are going to mention two different manual methods. All the approaches mentioned below are discussed appropriately. You just have to execute any one of them step-by-step. Let’s start:

Workaround #1

  • First of all, you have to make some changes in the Group On in group property for an interval in one field group.

  • After that, for one of the field group, you have to change group footer property to No.

  • Now, remove calculations from group footer.


  • Ultimately, to resolve this issue, you have to try every method once at a time.

If in case, you did not get any desired outcome after performing the above-stated manual solution for Access database run time error 3021. So, you have proceeded to another technique.

Workaround #2

  • Firstly, you have to search for the target directory for FRx32.exe. This will automatically open the FRx Designer.

  • Here, you have to modify FRx32.cfg file directory with the help of Notepad

  • Finally, after saving successfully of the FRx32.cfg, open FRx.

Automated Solution to Fix Access Database Error 3021

The above given manual methods do not provide any surety to provide you an expected outcome. In fact, the manual approach proves complicated sometimes. So, it is better to go with an automated solution i.e., Access Database Recovery tool. This software is come up with efficient functionality. It has the ability to repair severely corrupt Access database within a few clicks.

This provides an understandable user interface. So, technical or non-technical users can also perform how to solve the run time error 3021 processes without taking any expertise help. Moreover, any Access database users can utilize this software. This application supports all versions of MS Access. So, simply install this tool on the Windows machine to repair MS Access macro error 3021.

Time to Wind Up

Here, we have discussed the different methods for how to fix Access database error 3021. Basically, we emphasized the manual and professional solution to do the same. Still, there are some users who are ignoring the fact i.e., the free manual solution does not have the ability to resolve this Access error 3021.

In this case, it is better to choose an automated solution to repair Access database corruption. Moreover, the choice is yours which one you need to select. You can choose any of them.

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