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How to Make Your Eco Friendly Packaging Look Amazing – 6 New Ways


Eco-Friendly Packaging has been associated with its boring brown look. It may have been friendly for the environment but has not been friendly for that design lover. Understandably, packaging designers and product manufacturers have been digging down to find interesting ways for their eco-friendly packaging designing.

Whether it is Eco-Friendly Food Packaging or retail packaging for any other products, best designs are always preferred. Most of the eco-friendly packaging designs have stayed unexplored until now and people have been content with the brown old boring less-contemporary designs.

Eco Friendly

Here are 6 new ways your Eco-Friendly Retail Packaging can be made to look actually amazing:

1: Boast the Eco-Friendly Finish

One of the ways that have worked very efficiently so far is boasting the eco-friendliness of your packaging. That environmentally responsible person has loved good old brown boxes and all your designs can simply revolve around that. In most cases, you don’t need to hide that brown box colour at all.

Any designs that you need can just simply be done on top of that brown surface in your eco-friendly packaging. As long as you choose the right colours, it should all look great. Green colour on brown Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials is not only a great combination but is completely in line with the green nature of it as well.

2: Surface Lamination for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Another great way to make your eco-friendly boxes look great is to have them surface laminated all the way around. This means that you will potentially change their surface look and feel with efficient beautiful designs. Although the materials inside will still stay the same; eco-friendly.

There are many different surface lamination options available as well. These will make your Eco-Friendly Packaging look nothing like that have looked in the past. Some impressive options are:

  • Beautiful and clean matte
  • Luxurious high gloss
  • Unique spot UV
  • Regular cardstock finish

3: Use of Stickers and Labels On It

When you want to get an amazing look for your eco-friendly boxes but still want to spend the least amount, stickers or labels may be your best option. These are essentially the pieces of information that you want on your boxes.

Any size of stickers and labels are available and will successfully display whatever you want. When you have beautifully logo printed stickers or labels with other beautiful designs, your eco-friendly boxes will look attractive. In case of any price discounts, you can use these labels efficiently as well.

eco friendly printed box

4: Attractive Printing for Eco-Friendly Boxes

Similarly, you can also go with a full printing option. Although this can be slightly more expensive than stickers or labels, it is worth the extra spending. Since most Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials are usually in cardstock nature, they are all very print-friendly.

Any fancy designs that you need including brand logos, attractive patterns or images can straight-out be printed. There are also many different high-quality printing options available including:

  • Luxury gold/silver foil stamping
  • Beautiful embossing or debossing
  • High detail raised ink printing
  • Full of contrast image and text prints

5: Making Box Customizations Count

For any packaging boxes including your Eco-Friendly Food Packaging, custom designs will always win. These amazing looks including clear window boxes, gable style eco-friendly boxes, tray and lid style boxes and many others are always a great option.

Depending on the product you will be packaging in your eco-friendly boxes, various customizations can be tried on. Whichever one functions as well as it looks in your product’s case should be a great option.

material and packaging

6: Handcrafted Reclaimed Goodies

When you want your Eco-Friendly Retail Packaging to look particularly attractive, you can go with handcrafted reclaimed embellishments. These have the ability to make any packaging box look great to let alone eco-friendly ones. Whether your products suit floral designs or some other handmade crafts, these can be done easily.

The only thing you will need to keep in mind is that your selected embellishments and goodies don’t look too much over the top. All boxes with handcrafted designs will look great for retail purposes.

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