Easy Way to Remotely Monitor someone’s Computer With Spy Software for PC


The entrepreneurs around the world have been using different sort of software to keep their workers under surveillance. One of the easiest to use employee monitoring software is TheOneSpy that is being used by many medium and large scale businesses to track the desktop and laptop computers used by workers.

It is intended for employers to monitor, manage and boost the productivity of the workers by tracking their computer use. When an employee knows that he/she is being monitored by the employer, he/she avoids unproductive and malicious chores and focuses more on productive work.

Similarly, many parents have been using computer tracking software to supervise the digital behavior of their children to protect them from threats spreading in the online world. They can remotely monitor the computer use of their children when they are not around.

The spy software for PC provides great support to single and working parents in keeping tabs on the online and offline activities of children. Read on to know how spy software for personal computer lets you monitor someone else’s computer.

How does Computer Spy Software Work?

The spy software for personal computers starts working immediately after successful installation on the targeted computer. You can download and install the software on any Dell, Samsung, HP, Acer, Haier and LG computer running Windows OS versions 7, 8 and 10. There is a simple process to install the software. There are different tutorials on TheOneSpy website explaining the user-friendly installation process of computer spy software.

Once the device is installed with spy software for PC, the important data of that device gets uploaded to the online spy account. It includes emails, contacts, screenshots, online chats, keylogs, and relevant information. The end-user of the spy software can sign into the online spy account to see this information and send commands to the targeted device to perform certain actions.

What Can Computer Spy Software Do?

The monitoring and tracking software for personal computers can perform numerous functions to monitor and manage the targeted Windows computers. Given are the main features of the software that enables the end-user to remotely monitor computer system of workers and children.

Block Websites

The spy software for PC does not just allow monitoring the targeted computing device but it also allows controlling certain functions of that device. It lets you control the internet use of your workers and children. You can restrict your workers from visiting unproductive and unsecure websites to manage their productivity and minimize the odds of the data breach.

Parents can block adult-oriented websites to protect their kids from pornography and scamming. The spy software lets you block websites by putting URL and keyword into the online control panel of spyware.

Track Emails

The employers and parents can track incoming and outgoing emails of their concerned groups to supervise their online conversations. The employers can monitor emails to ensure not any sensitive information is leaked out via emails. Also, it helps them to prevent data breach by monitoring and discouraging phishing and scam emails.

Get Keylogs

The spyware software lets you monitor the online activities of the target by getting access to keystrokes applied to the targeted computer keyboard. You can get keylogs of username, passwords and email addresses to closely watching out the online and email accounts of your children and workers to get clues of misconduct.

Take Screenshots Remotely

No matter where you are and what the time is, you can find out what your kids or workers are doing on their computers in real-time. You can send a command to the targeted device via an online control panel of spyware software to take multiple screenshots of the monitored computer system.

The spy app captures screenshots with a pre-determined interval to update you about the activities performed on the targeted PC. These screenshots get uploaded to the online spy account from where parents and employers can see and download them.

Mighty Alarms

You can choose certain actions to be notified about. The spy software for PC notifies you about the action performed by the target which is forbidden or of important nature.

Moreover, there is an invisible tracking mode and user-friendly reports showing the use of computer programs. There are many other powerful features that let you remotely monitor the computer devices of workers and children.