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Dynamics AX 7 & Dynamics 365 The Ultimate Objective Comparison


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based application experience that is based on a common data model and allows Microsoft’s current ERP and CRM solutions to be deployed in a single cloud service, allowing new role based subscriptions. Dynamics 365 apps are designed so it can be independently deployed. 

This ensures that organizations can start the apps you need and cater to business demands with ease. It also allows effective working of all the apps together. It also has purpose-built apps that help in managing specific functions like customer service, project automation and field service.

While the current Microsoft dynamics AX Consultants takes care of IT Infrastructure and system requirements, it often causes clogging up of windows due to too many tabs. The updated version comes as a solution to this problem. It removes this stop and contributes to productivity allowing access through a single window. 

It allows users to focus on the most important aspects of the job without having to juggle between multiple windows. All the grievances can be addressed through one window which makes it easier to prioritize tasks. 

Another important feature if customizable components. Your workspace can easily be customized to be more productive based on your active-window work. This also makes working easier and the interface more user-friendly.

It is the souped up version of the Cloud or in Hybrid model which gives your company the flexibility to do business from any device. All one needs is a Wi-Fi connection and it is easily accessible. It uses common data model, to include analytics from Power BI and Cortana Intelligence. 

It has an enterprise edition that comes with Apps like Flow and PowerApps. Flow allows one to create automated workflows between your apps and services to get notifications, collect data and synchronize files which makes your work more productive. While PowerApps can easily be used on IOS and Android to share custom-built apps with your organization and other team members. It comes with three major integrated functions that make it stand apart from the recent version – 

  • Product Showcase
  • Health Plan Sector
  • Employment Engagement Survey
  • Asset Checkout

The new Dynamics 365 also comes with an upgraded access to customer data. This means one can access any kind of customer data and gain a better insight about the customers. This allows a more customizable approach towards resolving issues related to a particular customer. This makes it easier to track the relationship with the customer and make changes the resolution approach basis their preferences.

It completely transforms the way you manage daily solutions to problems. Organizations can easily resolve issues between critical businesses and ensure all the data works together. Also, easy monthly subscription makes it accessible to every organization with growth and a strong customer relationship in mind.

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