Custom-built CRM Or Off-the-Shelf

Custom-Built CRM Vs Off-The-Shelf CRM : Which Is Better?


When it comes to choosing a new CRM system for your business, you need to be very particular with your choice. You can either choose a custom-built CRM system or go for an off-the-shelf solution in order to fit your business processes. Well, this is where the problem arises. Most businesses tend to get confused between the two.

Each of the systems comes with its pros and cons. In order to make the right decision, you need to first know the difference between custom CRM and off-the-shelf solution. Not just, that you also need to weigh the pros and cons of both the systems. This will help you to decide to select the best option for your business.

Making use of a custom CRM system means that you can tailor it to suit your business requirements. This proves to be useful when you have a unique business model. However, when it comes to choosing an on-the-shelf solution, things may be different.

In this guide, we will be looking into the differences between the two systems so that you are able to make the right choice between the two systems.

Custom-Built CRM System

With the use of a custom CRM system, you can eliminate the unnecessary steps and organize everything in order. In other words, you can connect all the systems together and make them fit comfortably together. There is no need for you to deal with multiple systems that are not connected together. Also, you don’t have to switch between systems.


Using a custom CRM system also means that training your employees to use it becomes easy. This is mainly because a custom CRM is designed to fit the workflow of your business. Your employees are already familiar with and thus, training them to become much easier as well as faster. This way you can also save a lot of time as well.

With the help of a custom CRM system, you are in a better position to respond to the changes in your competitor’s behavior and in your market position.

  • A custom CRM system allows you to quickly change the technologies and build a CRM system that will fit your changing business needs.
  • You can call in custom-built CRM  to make the necessary changes.

The biggest advantage of using a CRM system is that it is designed to adapt. It can adapt the way you develop and thus, it makes your business more scalable.


However, despite all the benefits that custom CRM has to provide, there are a few things that may change your mind.

First of all, customizing a CRM system may cost you a lot of money. You may have to invest a lot after a CMR software development for customizing the system according to your need. This restricts small businesses to reap the benefits of using the system.

Not just that, a custom CRM system also needs long-term maintenance or else the system will fail to evolve. This basically means that both the costs of supporting and maintaining a custom-built CRM development system is high.

Off-The-Shelf Solution

Given the high costs of using a custom CRM system, many businesses and especially the small ones rely on an off-the-shelf solution. Cost is always a major factor when it comes to choosing the right customer relationship management system.


Other than lower costs, a pre-made CRM system is also tried and tested. This means that you can get more support as an issue with well-known software are easily solved. Another benefit of using an off-the-shelf CRM system is that you can get upgrades more easily as a part of your continuing subscription.

This will provide you with the functionality that you need for your business. This will save you from giving a call to the CRM software development company. In short, your task becomes much simpler and easier.

You can also integrate your off-the-shelf CRM system with other software programs as well. This will help you to improve and streamline business processes more easily.


Despite all the benefits of an off-the-shelf CRM system, there are still a few drawbacks that you need to take into account. This particular CRM system may not be suitable for a unique business model.

Also choosing an off-the-shelf CRM system means that you will have to rely on the vendor or CRM application Development Company to make the changes that are required.


After going through the above discussion, it can be concluded that both the systems have their own pros and cons. Choosing between the two systems completely depends on your budget of investment and your business needs.

Now that you know the difference between custom CRM and Off-the-shelf solution, it should be easier for you to make your choice.