Queries Related to MBOX to PDF Conversion

In this post, we will discuss the problems faced by multiple users while converting files from MBOX to PDF documents. Though it seems to be a huge problem, it’s not. Well, by these effective techniques will help users to resolve their queries.

Query-: “I am using Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client, I needed to send this highly sensitive data from the mails with attachments. But there are large number of mails which I want to send in a proper format. It’s around 25 folders, which are having more than 500 mails in each. Also, I need to do this as soon as it possible and I haven’t found any fast and reliable solution for this. I am looking for an optimum solution, which supports conversion of multiple mails with attachments. Can anyone recommend an optimum solution to convert MBOX to PDF?”

Optimum Solutions to Convert MBOX to PDF

Common Solution

This is the most legit solution for converting MBOX to PDF file. Mozilla Thunderbird allows to import/export their mails into PDF format. This solution is of No Cost whereas, it will be beneficial for a few files.

For this solution, the updated version of Mozilla Thunderbird should be there, which include ImportExportTools. If it’s not then, you can visit Mozilla website and can download the same. It can be done in 2 modes. Mode 1 will explain how to add files in Mozilla Thunderbird and Mode 2 will explain how to convert the files. If you have an already have imported the files from Mozilla Thunderbird then, you can go for Mode 2.

#Mode 1

  1. First launch the ImportExportTools from the Mozilla website.
  2. Open the Mozilla Thunderbird.
  3. Now, go to the Tools option in the menu bar.
  4. Select Add-on options from Tools.
  5. New page will be displayed, go to Settings option in your right.
  6. Choose Install Add-on from file from settings.
  7. New window will be pop-up, choose the file and install it.
  8. Now exit from Mozilla Thunderbird and restart it.
  9. Again, go to Tools option in the menu bar.
  10. Select ImportExportTools from Tools.
  11. Now select Import MBOX file option from options.

#Mode 2

  1. From above mode 1, you have imported your MBOX files in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Now, open the Mozilla Thunderbird.
  3. Now, go to the Tools option in the menu bar.
  4. Select ImportExportTools option from the Tools drop-down menu.
  5. Now, select export all messages in the folder.
  6. Select the desired option (PDF format) from the drop-down.
  7. Now save as PDF format.

Caution: A message box will be open if you choose PDF format. It says if you export in this format, attachments will not be saved. Choose any other format to save attachments.

Drawbacks of this common solution

  1. Doesn’t include attachments while converting the files into PDF.
  2. Conversion of bulk mails to PDF file is quite time-consuming.
  3. Technical knowledge should be required to transfer the mails because you might need to resolve some technical glitch in the mid of the procedure.
  4. It might lose the data due to some technical glitch.
  5. Compatible for only Mozilla Thunderbird.

Instant Solution for MBOX File to PDF Conversion

This option will convert your MBOX files into PDF files in few clicks. Apparently, it overcomes the above-mentioned drawbacks. This approach will work precisely when users have to convert 100 folders. As a result, it reduces the conversion time which makes it easier and quicker. With this, automated methodology it converts multiple MBOX files into PDF document format. Also, it resolves a major concern, to convert embedded attachment of all the emails in the same PDF file as that of the mail for sharing in the future. It is programmed in such a way that it becomes less-daunting for unknown users. Along with this, it’s an advanced feature of pdf formatting makes it unique. Although, many professional experts trust OneTime MBOX to PDF Converter because it gives satisfactory results.

To attain detailed information and clarity about the above-mentioned solution, go through OneTime MBOX to PDF Converter.

NOTE: With the help of trial version, users can get the best and reliable results by converting and previewing 25 emails from MBOX files into portable document format file. For achieving the right solution, go for a demo version which is available at free of cost on the official website.


Optimum solutions are mentioned above. I would recommend you to the go for an instant solution, it resolves all the problems which might occur. Also, I suggest you to the take external help for the common solution, as it requires an upper hand in technical issues.