Configuration of the Netgear Smart wizard for WPA


The Netgear switch is the most dependable switch accessible in the market. Netgear switch is the way to get to the remote Netgear switch settings. To get to the Netgear login setup page with the help of the space. Ensure that you will clear the reserved memory the framework before access the Netgear In the uncommon cases the client confronting the issue while getting to the page all things considered you can attempt to get to the switch by utilizing the default IP address. In this article, we will talk about the most dependable and palatable arrangement to set up the Netgear

Steps to Configure the Netgear Router by using Smart wizard

The most user-friendly way to connect the Netgear Wireless adapter to the router by using the Smart Wizard software that is used to connect the wireless adapter with the Smart Wizard utility. Moreover, there are some methods to configure the router based on the type of security wirelessly by using the (WPA or WPE).

Configuration of the Netgear Smart wizard for WPA

To start the process click on the start button then go the all programs option. Here you can see the option of the Netgear wireless Adapter folder then select the Netgear Smart Wizard option.
Netgear Smart Wizard option.

  • The Netgear Smart Wizard window appears on the screen.
  • After that click on the Network Tab. Your system automatically scans the all available network.
  • Here you can select the SSID of the Wireless network and then click on the Connect button.
  • On the Settings option Click on the WPA option available under the Security option.
  • After connecting with the required network enter your password.
  • Here you will see the Profiles field from the wireless Network settings then click on the Save Profile option to save the file.
  • Then Click on the Apply button to validate the setting.

Here you can check the IP address of the Wireless connected devices.

The easiest way to change the Password of Netgear Router Wifi Password using Smart Wizard

This article gives ventures to enable you to change the Wi-Fi secret phrase or system name (SSID) for your NETGEAR switch utilizing the Smart Wizard. Here are some Steps to change the password of the Netgear router Smart wizard:

  • Open the Web browser of your choice and type the official web address of the to the address bar of the device.
  • If the client does not get the access the login setup page of the Netgear router then you can either try to access the login page by default IP address.
  • The login setup page will display on the screen. Here you can enter the login credentials to access the login page. Then go to the Wireless Settings under the Setup page.

Here you will see the option of the Change SSID or Password. Make sure to click Apply to spare the changes.

Approaches to associate the Internet with the Smart Wizard of the Netgear Router

  • Utilize a second Ethernet connection to interface your PC to any port checked LAN on your Netgear switch.
  • Power off your PC, modem, and Netgear Router, by then control each one of the three devices back on.
  • Launch a web program of the gadget associated with the switch.
  • Type one of the going with URLs into the area bar of your program, at that point press Enter or The correct URL will raise the change login page to show up on the screen.
  • You will be approached to enter the default data with respect to the switch.
  • The username is an administrator and the secret word is secret key. They will be case delicate.
  • Select ADVANCED alternative.
  • Presently, select the Firmware Update alternative.
  • Click the Router Update or Firmware Update alternative.

Sign in to the switch interface using administrator for the username and secret password for the mystery key. These are the default login accreditations for Netgear switches. You will by and by be marked into your Netgear

Steps to Update the Firmware for the Netgear Router Smart Wizard

  • Open the internet browser and type the web address or
  • The switch will presently search for a firmware update and inquire as to whether any is accessible.
  • Click on the Yes button to start. The switch will at that point start refreshing the firmware for the Netgear switch. When the switch has wrapped up, the switch will reboot itself.