Clash of Clans Winning Guide: The Secrets To Win Any battle

Clash Royale Mod Apk

Well, I know you are here for the hacks and tweaks of COC. But wait for those who don’t know about the game, here is short into and then will heads down to the main stuff.

Clash of Clans is a freemium mobile strategy video game developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. The game was released for iOS platforms on August 2, 2012, and on Google Play for Android on October 7, 2013. -[Source WikiPedia].


Fond of playing clash of clans game? Trying your ass hard to win a battle? But it will give you anxiety and then you try our some stress busters. Do not worry, keep your stress buster away and take this guide into action. Because from today you will never gonna lose any battle. Just follow me till the end. You will get many treasures which you haven’t seen it before.

Winning a mind based battle game is somewhat tricky. You need to be alert, focused and active all the time unless you will lose your resources. I started my journey playing age of empires and then the clash of clans is my favorite. So I know every hacks and trick of the game. Now I’ll move to the main part. I think you must be excited enough to know about it.

So here you go…

How to Win Every Battle of COC?

Here are my few cents which you should apply to win every battle of COC.

#1: The Mod Effect:

Download the COC Mod version with Google update supported. There you will get unlimited resources like gems, gold, etc and continue building your empire. But remembers you still need to unlock the chests and have to find the card. To download the COC mod apk you can either search on internet or visit here.

Note: Searching on the Internet might be a bad idea because the sites are filled with fake stuff. So remember to go to the legit place or download the mod from the above-shared link.

#2: Practice in Private Server:

Practice makes man perfect but where did women go? Haha! No, it’s just a phrase. Practicing the battle in a private server helps you to know each and every streatgy of other players and that you can apply in your progressive game. Download the private server mods from the internet and then ply. You will get all resources unlimited with it.

#3: More Gems From Gem Mine Gives you Less – Here is a hack:

The Builder Base produces Gems at a slower rate, Gem Mine is designed to not provide many gems at a time when it popped out – the hack here is that you should never collect the Gems instantly at the time when you see the icon appear for the gems. You should collect it later to get more out of it.

Suppose your Gem Mine did produce for let’s say 16 hours, so (if it’s 1 v 1) it generated 1.4 Gems but you only get 1 Gem from it. In this case, the production got reset and you wasted 0.4 Gems (every time!) which will add up in the long run!!!

#4: Use 3rd Part Apps Offers to Get Free Gems:

3rd party apps like AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps provides offers in the game through which you can get free gems in exchange of competing for the offer. Maybe you know about it. But still take a look, maybe you will find interesting thing behind this. Completing these offers avoid the risk of banning. And as an addon, you will get gift cards for iTunes and Google play through which you can even purchase things inside the game.

So, here are my few tweaks which I use in daily life. I have a few more and maybe those hacks are more exciting than these hacks. But before that, I will look for your response on this guide. If you like then guide then please share your feedback in comments. If you knew any more of these hacks or like to share any other cheats then do share it with all in the comments.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading an article. And I hope you will get benefit in your playing with this guide.

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