China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City to expand 5G network

China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City To Expand 5G Network


According to China Mobile, a large China Telecom company, 10 5G base stations will be adopted as a part of speeding up its 5G network by 2020- China-Singapore Tianjin Aiko City. Environmental city project is a joint venture of these two countries.

Twenty-twenty stations in the northern part of the Tianjin Municipality of China will have to benefit from the benefits of 5G technology in order to improve city management scenarios, transferring high-definition photos and videos. China Mobil Deputy branch manager Zhang Li in Shanghai’s Bayhei New Area.

Huang Yingangao, Deputy Director of Environmental Bureau of the Environmental City, said that the 5G network will use neutralized aerial vehicles that can be widely used in environmental monitoring, geographical maps, and law enforcement agencies.

In addition to the environmental city, there is two bilateral cooperation between two countries, including a non-governmental plan in the Suzhou Industrial Park in Middle East China’s Jiangsu Province and the Gimganging Municipality of South-West China.

In the previous report, it was stated that the main purpose of the Tianjin Eco-City project is the sustainable development model of other China cities and beyond, according to Singapore’s National Development Minister Lawrence Wong.

When asked from his opinion about raising the city within the translation, Wang said that it was inevitable and ‘natural development’ to visit the project site.

He added that all the ongoing initiatives mean many projects for both countries. This increases in the current cooperation that the city’s state is already with China and Tianjin.

He emphasized that Tianjin one city was one of three joint ventures between Singapore and China.

Mr. Wong said, Initially, we have to work closely on the lessons learned from the city of the environment and apply these experiences and where they can be implemented.

At present, a 30-km km city is developing easily.

In view of the development of developmental analysis, the point of view is expanding the south-east city, so that the Tianjin Economic-Technical Development Area should get a national level development.

This strong area will make the main part of the Tianjin Bayahai New Area, where there is a three-fold size of Singapore.

Mr. Wang notes that learning from an environmental environment and their movement will be one of the three goals ahead of this project.

Two other tasks will be enacted in the atmosphere of the city’s city and smart city applications like energy grid in this city will be launched.