How Do I Check My CPU Temperature Windows 10?

How Do I Check My CPU Temperature in Windows 10?


Some people, or might we say, gadget geeks, love to maintain their gadgets. They treat machinery as gently and lovingly as they would treat their pets. A good dusting every alternate day, a hard drive clean up every month and defragmenting your disks helps you maintain the performance of the computer. Sometimes we forget that the temperature of a gadget plays a far more important role in its performance than all these other things mentioned above.

So, we are listing and putting links for software through which you can monitor the health of your laptop by keeping a tab on its temperature:

1. Got to openhardwaremonitor. It is a free site from which you can download Hardware Monitor. Hardware monitor includes fan speeds, temperature, and load on your computer.

How Do I Check My CPU Temperature Windows 10?

2. In about the center you will find 6 tabs. One of them is the “Downloads” tab. Click on it. This will take you to the Download link of the software.

3. Click on the Download button and select the location as C drive. Always remember that whenever you download such files which are software, you have to download them in the C drive.

How Do I Check My CPU Temperature Windows 10?

4. When the file is downloaded, go to the location and Extract the folder. This will automatically guide you to the extracted folder

How Do I Check My CPU Temperature Windows 10?

5. After extracting the folder go to the Icon named “OpenHardwareMonitor.exe” this will run the software on the computer.


6. Click on “Yes” when the Windows Defender request comes. Clicking on yes you will accept to run the software as an administrator.

7. Viola, the Hardware Monitor will start showing the temperature of your Laptop along with other necessary details.

Hardware Monitor will start showing the temperature

So, these were the steps to help you download a temperature monitor for all the gadget geeks out there and also for the people who are interested in the health of their laptop.

Sadly enough Windows 10 doesn’t have in-built software that could monitor the temperature of the laptop/ PC however there are third-party apps which help you.

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