Channel Letter

Channel Letter: A Go-To Step To Enhance Your Business


Channel letter is an eye-catching and the most preferred choice when it comes to exterior signs. These signs are usually used as fixtures on parts of a building. Channel letter signs enhance the overall look of the sign itself and add a lighting effect on the surrounding building façade. You can choose from different types of channel letters like standard channel letters, open face channel letters, reverse channel letter and black/white channel letters. Each type has its unique characteristics. Get one for your corporate sign, bank sign and other industries. Whether it is an online business, a brick and mortar store, industry, commercial buildings or any mall every business and project demands its unique identity amongst others. We always want to choose a sign which will reflect our business goal, attitude, and environment. And the channel letter and custom neon signs are the natural way to create all these impressions. They are the most popular choice for signs now. 

What is a channel letter sign?

A channel letter sign is a three-dimensional graphic element with an individual structure and separate illumination. In simpler terms, a channel letter can be any letter, number, or another character that, when combined with other like characters, makes up a sign presentation. Each letter is made using aluminium sheeting, and acrylic. Channel letter signs are highly flexible and can be made using a wide variety of fonts, colours, and sizes. 

If you are looking to upgrade your brand sign to achieve all the above-stated benefits with Neon Signs in NY.  Then you are making a superior choice as signage can both excite business as well as new customers. And if you still what to know the other lucrative benefits of custom letter sign then here are the 3 significant benefits of using channel letter which will definitely force to revise your brand signage.

3 benefits of using channel letter for signage

Channel letters can help our business to turn visitors into potential customers and in short, getting closer to sales and growth targets in a most unique and effective way.

  1. They are durable and energy-efficient

The letters are mostly made from lightweight aluminium and are capable to mount on various elements to ensure they’re secure. They require little to no maintenance and the LED lights used are specifically designed to last a long time without any hassle. We cannot deny the fact that LED light consumes less power and is eco-friendly at the same time. 

  1. Highlight the visibility of our brand and boost image

Your brand won’t go unnoticed with channel letters. They are an ideal sign to grab the attention of ideal customers even from a far distance. Being visible can definitely make the first impression good and boost brand branding. Channel letter is the trusted and proven marketing tool to highlight the brand visibility and recognition. Vida Signs can help in manufacturing and highlighting your brand signage with alluring Neon Signs in NY.

  1. Customizable

Channel letters are way too customized to give our business a unique identity that reflects our goals. We can modify colour, font, size, mount, and lightning direction that will add creativity to branding our business. Though they look pretty expensive, they are budget-friendly with complete freedom of customizing and making our brand signage attractive, elegant, and effective.

How are Channel Letter Signs Priced?

Every channel letter sign we sell is considered a custom sign due to a large number of variables in the makeup of the sign, from letter height, stroke thickness, font, return depth, return thickness, return colour, back thickness, type of mounting, face colour, trim cap colour, trim cap thickness, and so on.

Make an investment in your brand signage

A channel letter is a popular signage choice to boost thousands of customers and boost business. So, if you are ready to make a smooth turn towards a fresh branding of your brand or store signage find qualifier and get started. The NY Signs experts can understand your business, help your business get noticed, and ultimately reach its goal.

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