Bone Conduction

Bone Conduction Technology Side Effects


Bone conduction technology allows you to hear the sound through the vibration of the bones of your face like (jawlines and cheekbones). It means sound wave are bypassing the outer ear and middle ear.

The technology has been launched recently as a tool to help hearing loss disabled person. A Bone conduction implant is a technique which works on this technology.

This is a medical device that transmits sound by conduction through the bone to the inner ear, effectively bypassing the outer and middle ear.The device consists of a small titanium implant and sound processor.

Many of the bone conduction gadgets are so good for human health preventing the hearing loss effect.

Now a day many new gadgets are available in the market example like: bone conduction headphone so people are easily buying this device to prevent themselves. After using this bone conduction headphone people say its good for body.


Because of the bone conduction, audio vibration of a sound is transmitted through the bone of the (head and face) directly to the inner ear.

How bone conduction headphones works:

Bone conduction work on sound travel through the bones of the inner ear. The technology actually work every time you speak. Bone conduction offers a fuller sound deeper.

Bone conduction headphone may provide a better and good quality hearing experience to the user. Bone conduction hearing bypasses each and every time and transmits these vibration bone directly to the cochlea, effectively leaving ear canal and eardrum free to hearing everything.

After we use this bone conduction headphone to hearing the sound clearly and deeply your hearing problem was all cleanest.

However, there are four main industries which have attained the benefits from bone conduction technology that is:

  1. Hearing aids.
  2. Sports headphone.
  3. Military communication.

The benefit of bone conduction:

The bone conduction technology has been used for several years. It’s an act an effective tool to help those who are hearing loss. In recent days, the bone conduction headphone is launched to the market.

There are many brands of bone conduction headphone which is available in the market. There are different types of bone conduction device available for hearing rehabilitation growing. The use of bone conduction technology has greatly affected those with hearing loss.

The amount of hearing loss ranked as mild, moderate, severe, or profound.

  1. Normal hearing: You can hear quiet sounds down to 20 dbh.
  2. Mild hearing loss: hearing loss in your better ear between 25-39 dbh.
  3. Moderate hearing loss: hearing loss in your better ear between 40-69 dbh.

Side effect of bone conduction :

There is a so long and inglorious history of many peoples damaging their hearing by the bone conduction. However, this is not without consequence however & result in thousand of people are suffering hearing damage as a result of the bone conduction vibration being passed directly to their cochlea from the motors.

Conclusion of bone conduction :

There is no doubt about the bone conduction headphone works user can hear properly and perfectly well but bone conduction is provided low sound clearity than regular headphone.

If you are the one who like his ear to be open and still listen to the music, these devices are a great fit for you. Their are companies like Aftershokz who are producing some good quality bone conduction headphones with better sound quality and in-built feature.

If your earbuds are continuously dropping down while doing exercises and you are struggling with it, these special cheekbones headphone can be a better option. One of the biggest advantage of this is that it keeps your ear canal open free to transmit ambient noise while you are running or doing any other physical exercise. These can also be handy in the case you drive a lot.

The only cons of this technology is that it cost much as compare to the air conduction technologies devices. But with recent innovation in technology and market this will continuously improve. We will definitely see some better devices using bone conduction technology available in the market at lower price.

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