Best Upcoming Smartphones 2019

Best Upcoming Smartphones 2019 – Every Phone is Packed is Ultimate Functions


2019 is around the corner. While people have many other New Year resolutions, having a brand new and classy smartphone would be on the list of many. If you are one of those people, let us enlighten you about what to expect from upcoming smartphones. It’s not a bad idea to have a new smartphone for the new year.

And we live in times when relying on Spectrum Voice or a home phone is not even a considerable option. Everyone owns and needs a separate smartphone for all the essential communication and entertainment. There are a plenty of rumors, which are floating about the upcoming smartphones already.

We already know that majority of the smartphone makers have settled on an annual upgrade cycle. iPhone is the biggest example. Other gigantic brands such as Samsung are all about launching new phones every other month. We have managed to gather a little more information about the mobile tech and smartphones of 2019.

“Are you someone who stays on top of the smartphone game? Read on to find the incredible new smartphones scheduled to launch in 2019. Let us help you choose the best smartphone for yourself in the approaching year.”

Some of the biggest things, which the tech giants will be focusing on this year will be evicting notches, improving performing and improving the camera. Distracting from a full-screen display is also on the list.

Let’s see which are best phones anticipated in the year 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

The expected release is around February- April 2019. Samsung will be announcing three versions of the Galaxy S10. We are expecting them to adopt a powerful, new system chip based on a novel 7nm process of manufacturing.

This implies that these phones are going to be much faster than the flagship Android series. Let’s know a little more about each of the three phones:

1. Galaxy S10 (let’s call it Beyond 0) 

  • Flat 5.8″ display
  • The fingerprint scanner on the side
  • Single rear camera
  • Singe front camera

2. Galaxy S10 ( let’s call it Beyond 1) 

  • Curved 6.1” Infinity display
  • Fingerprint scanner (in-display)
  • Single front camera
  • Dual rear cameras (Telephoto, Regular)

3. Galaxy S10+ (Let’s call it Beyond 2) 

  • Curved 6.44” Infinity display
  • Fingerprint scanner in the display
  • Dual, high-end selfie cameras
  • Three rear cameras (Telephoto, Rear, and Wide-angle)

Sony Xperia XZ4

Sony Xperia XZ4
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 The expected time of release is 2019, February – June. Sony is surely on a slightly aggressive schedule. Every six months, it launches new top-tier smartphones. That’s a lot quicker than the brands, which rely on a yearly release. It is one of the most anticipated phones of the year 2019.

We are expecting the new system chip called Snapdragon 855. It is the first build by Qualcomm, based on 7nm manufacturing procedure. This new addition is bound to give a massive boost to the performance, gesture navigation, an improved camera, and many other amazing specs previously missing in Sony phones.

Samsung Flex 

Samsung Galaxy Flex

The expected time of release is somewhere in the first half of 2019. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Samsung the giant in Android Phone industry. Samsung has already given us a glimpse of the first foldable smartphone recently. The device looks promising and revolutionary. Therefore, the expectations are high.

The design that was presented essentially includes a thicker structure than the sleek, current smartphones. The rectangular shapes are similar to the current phones. The revolutionary folding it out feature is huge, brand new, and offers a tablet-like experience.

LG G8 ThinQ 

LG G8 ThinQ 

The expected time of release is 2019, February – April. Well, we don’t know much about the said phone as yet. But here are some of our best guesses. It is going to be the best LG phone, at least in the year’s first half. The G8 will revolve around the LG patent for a bezel-less smartphone, having a cutout within the screen for the two-selfie cameras.

It is going to be a highly futuristic design and a lot of heads are expected to turn for it. A filed patent is not a guarantee though. we are expecting G8 to adopt the system of triple cameras, like that of V40. V40 came with a regular camera, a telephoto camera for portraits, and an ultra-wide, third angle lens.

So far, battery life gas remained to be a sore point for LG phones. We are hoping to see some improvement in that perspective.

 Nokia 9 

Nokia 9

The expected time of release is 2019, February – March. Nokia is trying to make a comeback in the mobile industry for a while now. They have been floating different ideas to make a convincing entry to the stream of high-end smartphones.

The concept of having tons of rear cameras that Nokia proposed seems to prove real in Nokia 9. They are trying their best to finally make Nokia flagship camera phone a reality in 2019.

While they have been working on manufacturing an amazing smartphone for a very long time now, the new generation of the 7nm chips seems to facilitate them to fulfill their ambitious camera aims.

The manufacturers of all these phones are also working on making the play stores better. With more variety, users will be able to take more advantage of mobile apps. All they need is a subscription to one of the quality ISP such as Charter Spectrum Internet and they are good to go!