Hindustan Tin Works Limited is a leading name in the metal packaging solutions. The company manufactures a wide range of tin cans for domestic and commercial purposes.

Tin cans have become popular due to their strong body and durability. They are versatile in shapes, shelf stable, keep nutrients intact and can be transferred from one place to another easily. These metal cans are capable of preventing anything from moisture by blocking air, sunlight and bacteria. Furthermore, metal packaging delays the microbiological deterioration of food, cosmetics and pharmacy products, and also prevents the paints or shoe polish from getting dried out. Tin cans can may be used to keep harmful products away from children as they are spill proof. Moreover, tin cans strictly follow the three R’s of the environment: reduce, reuse and recycle, and help in saving the environment from unnecessary pollution.

The tin can products provided by the company are named as per the storage applications. Aerosol Cans are for storing deodorants, car paints, insecticides, pesticides, room freshener and industrial products. Beverage Cans are used for storage of beverages, flavored milk etc. Cookie Cans/ Decorative Cans are for storage of cakes, chocolates and cookies. These cans also used for gift purposes. General Line Built up Cans are for storing protein powder, ghee, baby food, coffee, etc. Open Top Sanitary Cans (OTSC) are used for storage of fish, meat, vegetables, cheeses, fruit pulps, beans, peas, and Indian sweets like gulab jamun and rasagulla. Paint Cans are for storing paint. Slip Lid Cans are for storing tea, salt, spices, sugar, grams, cereals, flour, etc. Shoe Polish Tins are used for packaging of shoe polish. The caps of these cans are press open lids.

The tin components like cans, their bottoms and lids are manufactured separately. The lids are manufactured in such a way that they can cover the open ended tin cans thereby making the cans air tight. The metal can closures are designed and manufactured based on the types of tin cans and their purposes. The types of can closures available with the supplier are Bung Lid, Over Cap with Dimple, Penny Liver Lids and Rising Lid Tagger (RLT), and Paint Closures. The type of opening/closing for paint cans is Single Tight Ring and Double Tight Ring. Each type of tin can has specified dimensions like maximum height or diameter. The maximum height for Aerosol Cans varies from 105 mm to 275 mm while the maximum height for Slip Lid Cans varies from 70 mm to 150 mm. The storage capacity of Beverage Cans and Pesticide Cans varies from 100 ml to 500 ml, whereas the storage capacity for Paint cans and Thinner cans varies from 1 L to 5 L. The storage capacity for Shoe Polish Cans varies from 15 gm to 40 gm.

Now one does not need to worry about storing the food items. These tin cans are reusable, stackable, washable and also come in different graphic designs on it. Designed for daily use these cans are durable for a long time and are eco-friendly in nature. These cans come in an affordable price range and are toxic free. Hindustan Tin Works Limited manufactures tin cans that meets the international standards and are safe for storage.