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The Best iPhone Apps to Make Your Time Worthwhile at Office


iPhone has become the mainstream device for entertainment and business solutions. Fortunately, the large number of iOS apps on AppStore has facilitated many of us in term of communication, organizing, and productivity. The AppStore currently offers about 2 million apps, and it can be a tedious task to come up with the right one.

Having said, we have created a list of the best iOS apps to make you productive and efficient at the workplace. Read along to discover everything:



Many times, we come up with brilliant ideas while we are working on different projects; however, remembering them is a challenging task. You can keep a track of such ideas through writing them on the Paper app. This app offers a notepad that does not run out of paper and stores your ideas over the cloud storage. Moreover, you can build charts, sketches, diagrams, and much more with Paper.

The app offers flexibility to create subsets of notes about random topics, enabling you to keep a record of individual projects. The app also offers a stylus for sketching.


OmniFocus 3

This app serves as the well-rounded solution for recording tasks and grouping them into projects. Organizing tasks in this way allows you to stay focused on projects that you need to complete. In addition, you can customize tasks and projects through including information about location, priority, collaborator, and energy level. The app offers an interactive interface that allows you reviewing of tasks.

The custom notifications offered in the app keep users on track, and can be sent to the Apple Watches. The app can be integrated with Siri, allowing you to record tasks through using voice.



FreshBooks serve as fantastic app that can manage different accounting scenarios. The app is suitable for businesses that rely on house calls. FreshBooks allow you to receive payments, build invoices, record expenses, and track hours. The app can develop and send estimates to clientele. Moreover, you can use this app to backup data and sync with desktop.


Just Press Record

This app has become essential for businesses who want to take records during meeting. It allows you to build voice memos and set reminders. The app offers exclusive features such as transcribing audio and synchronizing it with Apple Watch. The iPhone Apps supports about more than 30 languages, and can synchronize with iCloud.


Wolfram Alpha

This app is similar to Siri. Interestingly, various components in this app are present in the Siri. The app not only serves as a comprehensive encyclopedia, but also offers computational information to solve mathematical and scientific questions. The app can provide you with instant answers to complex questions. The app is marvel in the iOS application development.

Also, this app is chosen by a majority of users as a preferable calculator. The app offers a broad range of uses including the conversion of currency, and providing information about different subjects.



PDFElement is a robust app that offers PDF reader and editor. The users can leverage the essential tools such as handling. This app comes with various editing tools along with font recognition and changing color, size, and style of the text. The annotation tools allow you to leave notes across the text boxes. In addition, the camera function in the app enables you to capture photo of a document and convert it into PDF, HTML, or TXT file. Also, the app can be integrated with Google, Dropbox, and more services.



Have you ever come across an article or video that you want to view, but time does not allow you to do so? If yes, then you can save it on the Pocket. This app can sync across tablets, phones, and computers, allowing you to access media when offline. The app offers unrestricted storage capacity, allowing you to view things later and share with others.


Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner tends to focus on organizing the daily tasks, and providing you with the essential tools that could help you plan time smartly. The app offers an interactive interface that can help you plan activities. Moreover, the app can generate charts, assisting you to see where the time is going. Similar to other planner apps, this app offers custom alerts, task repetition, and copy paste function.


Final Words

So far, we have revealed the best iPhone Apps to make your time worthwhile at workplace. If you know about more apps, then feel free to mention them.


Author Bio:

Gerry Wilson is a passionate blog writer who loves to write about technology/Apps related articles. Follow him on Twitter for further details.

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