Best Freight Management Software to streamline your freight business

freight management software

For supply chains today, the emphasis is laid on optimisation, regardless of whatever industry or service one might be catering to – employing new ways of streamlining business operations so that you can achieve optimum efficiency is generally the aim of every company. When you talk about freight forwarders, for them optimisation means the creation of efficient methods for the transportation of packages all through the supply chain, while at the same time ensuring that they make on-time deliveries and improve upon customer communication without having to spend a fortune. All these objectives and more can be achieved by using the best freight forwarding software.

There exist a plethora of freight logistics software in the market today, that can also be customised pertaining to the unique needs of a company. We are going to talk about a few ways that using software solutions can help you as a freight forwarder, in streamlining your business operations, while saving you money, improving your customer service and also ensuring on-time delivery for your commodities:

  • Load Optimization: In its truest essence, load optimisation as a function, is all about finding new ways for reducing shipping costs and finding carriers that can make timely delivery of your goods as per the schedule. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, a freight management software uses complex algorithms to make carrier recommendations that can ship your cargo on the basis of the shipment size, location as well as the delivery requirements that you set out – thus finding you the most efficient method for shipping your packages.
  • Planning Your Routes: As the name suggests, route planning is all about finding the best delivery route for your packages. Your freight management system is going to consider factors such as the volume of your shipment, delivery locations, delivery time, and then help you in planning your pickups and carriers. Based on the criteria that are input, the software can aid you in finding the right route that will minimize the shipping costs, deliver the shipments faster and improve upon your all-round shipping efficiency.
  • Analytics and Reportage: Even though load optimisation and route planning are quite essential for streamlining your business, analysing the data collected is just as crucial. Freight software today, collect data for all stages of your supply chain operations and can give you reports on every aspect of the operations. With the help of data analytics and reportage, you can make sure that each shipment of yours has been planned perfectly so that there remains no stone unturned at any stage of the due processes, that could translate into trouble later.
  • Enhanced CRM: How important customer service is for any business is a known fact. A lot of freight forwarding software today, integrate Freight CRM solutions, that helps you in enhancing communication between the various parties that may be involved in the delivery of a shipment. With the help of CRM solutions, you can put up various kinds of notification avenues for your customers, vendors and even your employees that could help keep a track of the shipment in real-time. By improving upon your customer service, you also improve upon the chances of getting repeat business and everyone knows how important that is for any organisation.

A plethora of options are available in the market today, when it comes to web-based freight forwarding software, most of them being cloud-based. This gives you the flexibility of having access to your system from any location, device at any time. Granting you this kind of flexibility, freight software today help you in improving upon your operational efficiency. This, in turn, translates into fantastic results as a collective whole for your business – giving you transparency, cost-efficiency and effective risk management, all of which are crucial for and freight forwarder.

So if you are thinking about getting a customised freight management solution for your organization, in order to streamline your supply chain –  Reach out to us at ShipThis and we will offer you a free demo to showcase the transformation that the best freight management software can bring about for your business. Contact us today!

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