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Best AntiVirus Security Suites of 2019


Before going to the article, kindly answer our question. What is the best sort of defense you have for your computer? Antivirus. That is the answer which you can say without blinking an eyelid. In recent times, in this era of phishing, malware, and cybercrime, it has become mandatory to have an antivirus installed on your computer. And if your computer is a treasure house for your confidential information, then you need to explore beyond the free antivirus options. In this article, we are going to focus on the best antivirus security suites of 2019.

Yes, there are various ways by which you can assemble the security on your own. You can choose the best apps, for blocking malware, management of passwords, do not browse on unwanted websites and so on. But imagine the system resources that will be needed. If you have a computer or laptop that needs more browsing on the internet or payment related tasks, then it is foolish to opt for simple antivirus protection. You should opt for a security suite that should have many aspects such as spam filter, antivirus, antivirus, and ransomware protection. As per the advice of computer experts, do not seek twenty different components. Opt for one among the best antivirus security suites of 2019. The job gets done.

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Every security suite designing companies offer a program that subscribe to many features. While some give only the basics if it is freeware, others pile-up lots of features in the paid versions. You can first make a list of your requirements and then opt for the suite. In this article, we give you valuable information about the best antivirus security suites in 2019.

You also get information about the numerous tests used for evaluating security suites of 2019. You can then determine the best.


Usually, a free version will offer three levels of security. They are antivirus features, entry-level feature, and some phishing protection. In some, you can get password managers. But for any product released in the market, you will first check only the anti-virus features. Then go for the other aspects.



Check any antivirus suite in the market. It has to have malware protection. And it has to be effective. And if it is a paid version, you check for high ratings from the checking labs. You can also check by other methods. You can make use of malware samples present on the internet.

Firewall Choices

When it comes to a firewall, you get protection in two areas. The first part is it monitors the network traffic and prevents the outsider access. It also keeps a tab on the applications that run in your computer. You will never like a firewall which keeps asking irrelevant questions such as granting access.


In recent times, you do not see spam messages in your folder. The reason, your email provider filters the emails. Else, it will be hard to find your email from the other attachments. If you have an email that does not filter spam, then you have to choose an antivirus suite that has inbuilt spam filtering software. It is wise to look for one that can act in tandem with your email friends or clients. So, check the provider and then opt for it. You should not have a program that will make valid messages end up in the spam file.


In this era of internet banking and online transactions, millions of dollars are lost in the globe due to phishing. Well, you can just log into a fake website with a fraudulent name which can trick you to give confidential information. There are many fake websites, which are designed as bank sites, online game sites. When you have authentic antivirus software, it will prevent phishing websites. Some paid versions also offer protection when you do online transactions via credit cards or send confidential information.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender

Well, if you have installed the Windows 10, then this feature is in-built. It can also manage other security features and Windows Firewall. When first introduced, it was panned by critics and experts. But in recent times, the improvements are clear. But it definitely cannot replace a paid version of a security suite.

So, let us look into the best antivirus security suites of 2019.

There may be many, but we have involved only five in this article.

Bitdefender Internet Security

You get good ransomware protection and parental control with full features. Even the files stay encrypted.

Kaspersky Internet Security

As per the scores from high testing labs, you get the best anti-phishing score. The other beneficial features are webcam protection, firewalls, and protection for Android devices and mac OS. However, not all android features are in tandem with the recent versions.

Norton Security Premium

There is no impact on performance. It can protect ten devices. You also get a well-designed firewall. Best anti-virus features.

McAfee Total Protection Review

You can get cross-platform security for every device in the household. File Encryption.

Avast Internet Security 2017

It has a simple spam filter and good firewall. The antivirus features also got a high feature in testing. Yes, you also get good ransomware protection. Plus features to improve security.


So, have you read the article on best antivirus security suites of 2019? We hope you are happy with the info provided in this article. Now, there are chances, you feel that a virus has crept in your system. In this situation, you can enlist the services of a computer repair expert to fix the issue. To hire via the best method, you can download the app for the best home maintenance company in your city. Then scan the profiles, and select the best as per your requirement and budget. The computer repair expert will come to your home and fix the problem.