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Benefits of Video Animation for Start-Up Business


Video animation has now become popular and is a resourceful technique to promote an existing business online. In comparison to, visuals and written text an animated video is much more operative as it incorporates different podiums to deliver its notes.

A Good Animated Short is Liked by Everyone

People enjoy watching short videos online and this can be assumed with the fact that YouTube acquires over 4 billion views each day. To keep your audience hooked, a strong script, a simple film and well-designed characters are sufficient, no matter if the subject is difficult for the audience to comprehend. Initially, animation, as a subject may not sound opulent and manifest it as of sounds, motion and colour.

Animation Keeps Audience Engaged

To keep the audience engaged, it is important that the video encompasses a captivating sound and movement, an eye-catchy approach of an animation video encourages the audience to watch the video till the end. It is possible that whilst reading simple content the audience might drift off or may perhaps find something else to emphasize on, however, an animated video keeps you focused and engaged.

Animations Are Easy to Remember

Numerous studies highlight that, video demonstration has a deep influence in the field of education. People tend to remember what they see and hear, rather than what they have just been through in words.

Animations Can Be Adapted, Reflect Your Unique Brand

Anything unique in the market is surely remembered. Think of how easy it is to recall the Red Bull ad. One can straightaway recognize the characters and style. Incorporating animation reflects the true image of your brand and its uniqueness amid the audience and makes it easier for them to remember.

You Have More Control Over the Content

Animation can be as creative and as representative as you want it to be. The only constriction that you may confront is your creativity. To fabricate a notable and outstanding film a video consists of a good soundtrack and a powerful visual style; and yet, cost of a video animation is only a fraction of the price of a CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery). Contrarily, if you intend to make it even ingenious, add-in kinetic typography and a good voice-over that may incline the animation to a newer aspect and will increase the level of audience engagement. Such video further, can include a short story entailing various characters, defined vigorously in compliance with the words animated to deliver the dynamic ideas beyond.

Animations Are More Efficient

The time it takes a customer to peruse the depiction of an item is decreased to simple minutes in the event that you simply show it to them. What’s more, it’s not simply the items themselves. You can clarify confounded array techniques, or offer complex directions in a straightforward configuration, by utilizing video movement. In the event that you utilize just words to depict something, it might be troublesome for your group of onlookers to imagine what it is you are discussing and items may appear to be more confused than they are in reality.

Things You Should Keep in Mind 

Types of Animations for Businesses

The array of animation range from simple whiteboard animations to complicated 3D or 2D shorts. Your needs, budgetary, constraints and the time you have at your ejection would decide what type of animation is actually required. All animations have distinct advantages. Whilst, explaining a complexed procedure moving typography, character animation and white-board animation can pay-off well. Eventually, it is easy to pursue and it further elucidates the measures your brand wants its audience to perceive. 

A Professional Team

It is appropriate to opt for expert and skilful animators, despite wasting money by appointing amateur animators. Beyond actual animation, an assortment of tasks includes, which include, storyboarding, sound editing and other post-production activities.

How an Animation is Developed?

To craft an animation, the animator has to go through several stages. The first step is to prepare a script. Script is though, not just a story and its characters, it is much more; also, if you choose to instigate a whiteboard explainer animation, a script-writer is yet required. The second stage is to design the storyboard. Animators sketch out a few scenes from the storyboard. These sketches are then aligned in the storyboard, which in common is said an animatic, so the animators are familiar with the scenes and their sequence in the storyboard. The third stage includes a recording of sound racks and other dialogues if any for the final execution.

Frames Per Second

The total number of frames used for animation is either 12 or 24. Conventionally, frames are static images used to add motion to your video. Increase in the number of frames does not make the animation smooth. Though, to make your animation more vibrant and energetic incorporate a smaller frame rate. An animator must know how much time he has to spend over a typical animation. As a 3-minute short clip include 4000 drawings at the frame-rate of 24fps.

Things to Reflect on

  1. Your Brand’s Visual Style

Each time an animator creates an animation for a brand, it has to be unique and captivating. Before making an animation, the animator should make sure that his designs will reach the end-consumer and they must like them. Animations comprise an assortment of styles to select from. A simple transition to the logo and brand name is sufficient for the clients to remember. Yet, if you want your brand to be recalled for a longer period of time consider animating your logo as well. 

  1. Think of Your Audience

You need to influence your products or services to be a piece of the story, while your customers become the principle characters. Talk about your target market with the scriptwriter and the lead artist, before the project begins. This will enable them to structure the story and settle on a visual style that is bound to interest your audiences while remaining consistent with your brand’s vision.

  1. Trust Your Animators

If all else fails, approach your team of animators for assistance. They can direct you towards the most appropriate style of dynamic animation, and the most cost-effective methods for creating it. Keep in mind that there are numerous features associated with building up a quality animation.


It is important for the animators to clearly understand the vision of your brand. For this instance, Uptown logo design makes sure you indicate the animators with appropriate scripts, visual style and the reference material, and typically stay accurate about the particulars. The perfect indication will return in a perfect animated outcome, entailing satisfied customers. For a successful start-up business, an applicable, precise and engaging video animation would result outstanding.

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