Beginners Guide to Select Malaysia's Best Web Hosting Provider

Beginners Guide To Select Malaysia’s Best Web Hosting Provider


A website has become a crucial parameter for all types of businesses that help you to reach the global audience. Whenever you decide to take your business on an online platform you need to choose the right web hosting which is a tough job for the beginners. Most of the small business owner’s end up taking wrong decisions in their initial phase due to lack of knowledge.

So, find a reputed company with which you can get all the required features for your website. So, you should think on which hosting provider should I trust with my sites?

While searching for a perfect hosting for developers, bloggers, small business owners, etc. it is important to find what types of services the host is offering.

You can host your website with a reliable and high performing host which provides 24/7 support. The provider should also give email replies for solving issues on chat immediately.

As a beginner, your best thing will be finding a host that is in for a long haul.

In, addition to a shared hosting plan, companies like MilesWeb offer top-rated features with the starter unlimited reseller hosting Malaysia as well with VPS hosting and dedicated hosting also. MilesWeb hosting company will stand by your side to make your website successful by providing you with proper services.

Before you choose the best hosting company to follow these steps given below –

1. Know which type of hosting you need

While looking for a hosting company, check whether the company can provide you with the proper services which you will need to host your website. Whereas, normal traffic from 5k – 10 k visitors will not require a dedicated server, just like that you should choose the hosting which can give you proper guidance for your usability and requirements.

2. Check different Hosting options

Due to growing competition, there are many hosting providers in the market. There are various hosting services available such as shared hosting malaysia, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud hosting. Before selecting the hosting services, just check out their plans and prices and then you can decide which one to go for.

3. 24/7 customer support

customer support

Before you opt for hosting services make sure you check that does hosting company provides services like 24/7 customer support. Check out the demo and pre-sale service before going on for them. Some companies just say but do not provide 24/7 support.

So, to confirm this with the company. Whereas, MilesWeb hosting company provides 24/7 customer support and 30 days money back guarantee policy.

4. Maximum uptime  

The best uptime offered which is 99.95 %. MilesWeb is known for providing excellent uptime which doesn’t cause downtime to your site. Web hosting providers always make sure that you are getting maximum uptime for your website.

5. Consider the factors

While looking for web hosting, consider all the factors which are essential for purchasing web hosting. If you are a newbie or startup then I would recommend going for shared hosting services as a beginner.

In the future, if you experience more traffic on the website then you can go for VPS or dedicated according to your requirement and traffic you get.

In VPS and Dedicated hosting, you get a good amount of bandwidth and uptime which helps to improve the website performance. Along with hosting make sure you are getting quality support.

 6. Pricing

Make sure the hosting company you choose offers value for your money. If they are charging too high for the services they don’t go with them. Choose the hosting services which are providing services at cheap and affordable rate.

As a beginner you don’t need to invest too much if you want, you can upgrade later. Prices should be reasonable along with the features necessary for them.

 7. Security

Make sure that your hosting provider offers backups and provides proper security. It includes monitoring services and other security add-ons. MilesWeb proves the best security in Malaysia in which your website is auto scanned on daily basis.

They protect your website from all types of web attacks. It includes the SSL support, SpamExperts, Web application firewall.

Consider a host with which you can grow: MilesWeb

Even you don’t plan for selling products online, your business presence is going to increase your brand recognition. Entrepreneurs can expect the business website to grow 10-20% each month if done well enough.

You need to find the hosting provider which can handle the booming business. MilesWeb thus, makes your work easy by managing your complete web hosting.

Make sure your hosting company provides these major features –

  • 24/7  support
  • 30 money back guarantee
  • 99.95 uptime


MilesWeb provides these important features which carry on your hosting with excellent uptime and ensure your site remains up always.


Choosing your best hosting company in Malaysia then I would recommend you MilesWeb hosting as the best for you to go with.

As you can say that your hosting provider is your soul mate which should stick by your side no matter whatever the issues arise, whether it’s a party night or quiet night. If you are stuck in any issues then your hosting provider should take care of you in a loving way.

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