In this digital era, almost every business needs to have a mobile app in order to increase its followers and socialize with people. And don’t you love downloading multiple types of Apps from your play store? There is just so much of variety there, that even browsing the apps feels wonderful.

All of this is there due to the talented Android developers.

When there is some app which has gone highly viral, such as Candy Crush, then there is the effort of a respectfully paid android developer behind it. You can imagine how much demand of these developers is there in the market.

Now, are you feeling like becoming an Android developer? Good Pay and watching your app becoming popular are really some great boosters.

But not just the demand, there are several other benefits that the Android developers enjoy. Having a look into their lives will itself motivate you to become an Android developer if not the above reasons.

Success of Android

Even though there are many options to explore when you decide to become a developer. You have Android, iOS, and many more. But among all, Android is the most popular and liked the operating system.

That means whatever application you will develop will have a fair chance of visibility among the users. And as per Soakmind, developers have so many various tools and drivers which can help them in this entire journey, making it even more easy for them to design an app.

According to Gartner, Android had the highest market share in the last quarter of 2017, nearing up to 86% of market share. And since it is a free and open source platform, it becomes the first and preferred choice of multiple developers.

Revenue from Apps

As per the projections, by 2020, the mobile apps would be earning $188.9 Billion from various in-app advertisements and the app stores. I am sure you all are aware of the fact that Android users do not like to pay for any application since there will always exist an apk file for the same.

And for iOS, people are more likely to purchase the apps. Then you might be wondering how can I say Android apps would be making such huge money?

While people do not purchase applications from the app store, they cannot ignore the in-app advertisements. Every app shows ads to its users unless you pay to eliminate them. This is how the android developers earn money from such applications.

Now, don’t you think being in such a profession is a lucrative offer?

High Demand

Since every business needs an application, there is a high demand for Android developers. While other businesses may see the downfall in terms of employment, tech companies are only going to see the rise. Every business is going digital today. And you definitely need a good tech team to handle all of that.

Among all the tech jobs that are going to see the rise, mobile application development is one of the top 13 fields which will rise tremendously. Just like the past, they will continue to be in great demand in the coming future as well.

So if you have not thought about your profession till yet, android development is really a cool field for you to be in. With just a little effort, you can become an android developer easily. Clearly, your career will be taking an upward boost all throughout your life.

But one thing you need to be cautious of is that you need to be excellent in many more fields along with app development. Some of these include:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • Python
  • Swift
  • C++

If you have these skills as well, then no company can stop you from joining their tech team. Also, having UX and UI skills are the added plus points on your resume. This will make you an integral part of any project management team easily.

Why is it so cool?

Many people call this profession a cool field to be in. Why?

One, there is no annual fees for developing an app here, unlike the Apple platform. And so, making apps on Android is much cheaper. Moreover, having an experience building such apps is itself thrilling and exciting.

Clubbing this thrill with various advantages, nothing can be a cooler profession than being an Android developer. So what are you waiting for? Search for a really good android development teaching program near you, and start learning the course immediately.

And even if you are planning to switch your job, this can be the best choice for you. Learn the course and start practicing building an app. With some easy promotional steps, you can quickly make your application popular among your target customers.

So, as the answer to the main topic at hand, should you become an Android developer? My answer is, Definitely Yes!