B612 is the photo enhancement application by LINE Corporation and it is one of the best applications that make the selfie-taking experience memorable and remarkable. B612 App is mainly designed as the selfie application and it is loaded with several new and fun-filled features which you won’t find with any other similar application. The application comprises of several filters which you can choose as per your need. It also has a Vignette feature that is perfect for bringing out the edges which are essential for selfies or darken up the borders of the images. The application also features the College Shot which can be used for creating some images with 3D effects.

Features Integrated in B612 App

  • B612 App comes with over 8 amazing filters like Arizona and Butterfly which are the favourite filters for many
  • You can take images from the application directly as it uses the integrated cameras of your device for amazing selfies. You can simply swipe the screen for switching of the camera from front to back.
  • For the setting menu, you need to swipe the screen from down to up and you will get the settings menu of the application and if you swipe the screen from left to right you will be changing the filters
  • With the random filter selection, you can choose the best filters for your images and you simply need to tap on the random button from settings. It has a sharp brain as it remembers the filters which you like the most while capturing images and hence it selects the same every time you take images until you manually change it
  • The application comes with vignette effects which are the ultimate feature to darken the borders of the images. It also adds amazing effects to the images that are being taken from the application
  • Collage shots are also possible and it allows you to combine the images together in one. This feature is of 2:2, 8:8 and 1:1

What are the Benefits of Using B612 App?

The most amazing thing about this application is its filters. B612 App comes with some over 80 filters which would make your selfie-taking experience really wonderful. You would really love the filters which are included in the application and the newer version of the application comes with some more filters like Light, Moment, Scarf, No Longer, Apple, Tiger, Monarch and more. Moreover, the user interface of the application is very simple and easy to use and it supports even gestures. It is compact and smooth and will never crash. The overall performance of the application is really very amazing and excellent. You will find this application quite helpful when taking pictures.


The downloading of the B612 App is very easy and simple. You need to download the application directly from the Google Play Store as it is legally available in the play store. So, download the application to give your images a new and unique look.