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Investmyschool is proud to be the UK's first and only dedicated crowdfunding platform for independent institutions. We empower schools to raise funds for their improvement projects rapidly and proficiently. We are too familiar with the traditional manner of appealing to stakeholders for donations to fund development projects. We offer schools the opportunity to take a loan directly from their community, and furthermore, the more extensive individuals should they pick. Get in touch with us or see our marketplace for loans to invest in.Education really costs a lot these days. With the increasing educational expense, students are coming under higher school loan debts. That is why the demand for school loan is also on a rise. Students are always looking for ways that can support them financially during their academic life. Investmyschool,UK's leading platform for Independent Schools dedicated to helping for school loans by giving students the best education. School loans can prove to be a valid option for every student who faces a financial crisis during and after study.

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