Effective Ways To Recover Lost Notepad Files
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Effective Ways To Recover Lost Notepad Files

Notepad is a text editor works along with Windows systems by default. With this tool, you can record the important data in text format conveniently and quickly. Well, accidents happen every now and then, thus, you may lose the notepad files due to accidental closure, storage device formatting, virus attack...

How to Cancel a Format in Progress for Windows

You may format storage device (including computer hard drive, SD card and USB flash drive) sometimes to fix the device issues, or you just format it before using. However, accident may happen when you choose to format your drive by mistake. This is really terrible. On this occasion, you will wonder how to cancel a format in process immediately.   In fact, this problem is about how to stop format fs=ntfs command prompt. As usual, you have chance to cancel a format process by using some Windows built-in tools, such...