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5 Apps to Make your iOS and Android Devices Safe in 2019


With everything connected to your smartphone, its security has become one of the top concerns in the age of digitization — and for good reasons. It can be said, nearly more than half of the workers now have access or can access corporate data from smartphones which means having sensitive information in the palm of your hand. If stolen, could lead to disaster on another level.

The stakes get higher for the company and the individual who loses it faces much legal criticism. The average cost for a corporate company data breach exceeds $3.86 million. That’s a cost which is increasing annually. Keeping that in mind, the need for mobile security apps is critical to keep smartphones safe and private. Good security apps come with their own tools which provide extensive encryption to your mobile. At their most minimalistic approach, security apps keep off malicious activities and malware to remove any privacy stress on your phone.

Let’s see these 5 best apps that will provide the best security to your iOS and Android devices.


Telegram Messenger is a good security app for iOS and Android devices which is a free app for tech geeks. If you are looking for a software that will make your life hassle-free, then Telegram is the right choice. As soon as you’ve linked your Telegram to your phone, you can instantly start using quick encrypted messages over the cloud. The chats are end to end encrypted which means no external force or hacker could come in between the network or the chat.

Also, you can set messages to self destruct as soon as the recipient has seen it by tweaking some settings. Sharing videos and documents is a plus where participants can be arranged in group chats with up to 200 users.


Created by the Whisper Systems, Signal is another messaging app for security concerned individuals. It is a free app which serves more than one purpose that includes voice-call solution and end-to-end encryption. With Signal, you can send and receive texts that use multiple different protocols which serves the same purpose for voice calls and attachments. Even the contact list in your smartphone remains safe and secure with no chance of being exposed to viruses or hackers.

It has a simple interface which does not require to alter or change a PIN on every login while being an open source platform. The encryption of the phone is regularly audited which makes it a premium messenger app. The use of encrypted message apps is crucial because it makes the smartphone 100% hack free. Get Signal and continue your sensitive private discussions without the stress of a data or information loss.

Virtual Private Network

With the increase in mass surveillance and cybercrimes, privacy has been compromised no matter how hard to you try to be off the grid. In that case, to make your mobile security robust; you require a Virtual Private Network VPN. Most of the security apps monitor your online activities and ask for numerous accesses, but a VPN doesn’t. VPN is a good security app for anyone who is looking to stay off the radar and retain their private information with themselves.

The job of a best VPN is to fool ISPs and give you anonymity online. This is possible by using a different IP address that is used by multiple users making it hard for ISPs to track location. Your real IP stays secure while you browse the web through a different IP. Besides this, the VPN will allow you to enjoy browsing on free public WiFi hotspots without dreading for any hacker attack. Whether its iOS or Android, this app is a savior for individuals looking to secure their smartphones.

True Key

Designed by the famous Intel Security, True Key has evolved to bring some neat features which make it stand out from its competing password managers. True Key has a unique well-designed password manager whos features are top notch. They offer an encrypted password vault that is unbreakable through a master password, an encrypted notepad, and a separate password manager.

True Key uses fingerprint scanner as collateral to access the password manager, and it can further use your selfie camera in your smartphone as a biometric sensor which will allow you to log in through facial recognition. The app provides 15 logins on its free platform while the premium app gives access to unlimited account logins.

McAfee Mobile Security

Lastly, to make your entire smartphone hack free and 100% secure, start using McAfee. It is the most famous and trusted name in the antivirus industry that delivers security and virus protection for all operating systems (OS). The app offers Intel Security features and simultaneous scans for malicious codes on every file present on your device. No matter if its SD cards, apps, voice notes, and downloads.

McAfee offers real-time protection against viruses and malware and keeps devices safe on public WiFis as well. It is the best security app to make your online access secure with multiple encryptions.


Relying on your phone’s security is a major question because the majority of the malware and viruses come through Androids open source Google Play Store and numerous file downloads on iOS devices. Go through the blog and start downloading the five best security apps.

Terry Higgins
Terry Higgins
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