Tips and Tricks: Copy from Excel and Paste in NAV

If you are preparing movements in Microsoft Excel and then inserting them manually into NAV, there is a better way to do it! In this blog, we will review the process of copying movements from Excel to NAV.

To paste lines to the journal in NAV from Excel, it is best to start exporting with NAV format to use it as a template.

The first step is to assign a format to the design to meet your needs; Choose and organize the columns in the journal. Next, click on the Microsoft Excel icon as shown below to export the template to Excel.

In Excel, enter the lines to the journal. Payroll is an ideal example for this process. If your company uses an external payroll processor that provides the information needed for a journal movement in a file, the information provided can be used to update the Excel template. Our example Journal Batch consists of very simple payroll movements.

Copy the Rows but not the Header

To paste to NAV, select with a right click on the first line of the journal and select Paste Rows from the drop-down menu. Note that the shortcut key combination is CTRL + SHIFT + V.

As the rows are pasted in NAV, values are validated; this ensures that the Excel file includes accurate data. For example, if your Excel file has accounts or departments that are entered incorrectly, NAV displays an error in the invalid data and the remaining lines are not pasted. You should, as a consequence, update NAV with the missing data or make corrections to the Excel file and repeat the copy and paste process.

When the Excel file has valid data, the move to the journal is successfully pasted into NAV ready for registration. NAV performs additional validations when doing journal entries; for example, the values of the document number are evaluated. For more please visit Microsoft Top

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