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All you need to know the difference between traditional PR and online PR – frizz tech

All you need to know the difference between traditional PR and online PR

All you need to know the difference between traditional PR and online PR

Today in this intensely competitive business environment, it is critical to have a good PR done. In earlier times a traditional PR was all that was carried out by companies to increase their presence and visibility. Nowadays a traditional PR is often substituted with a Digital PR and a Digital PR is gaining wide prominence in the business online world today.

Thus it is important to understand the difference between the two so that both can be used effectively and productively to increase the business and make the brand an outright success.

Although both digital PR and Traditional PR are PR but still they have some differences: –

  • MEDIUM: –

When we talk about traditional PR then it involves reaching out to and to submit press release to traditional media sources like Television, Radio, Newspapers and magazines.

On the other hand a Digital PR focuses on more of an online presence and is submitted to websites and online sites dealing with news and current affairs and also some sites where the PR is relevant.

Moreover a Digital PR also helps in SEO and helps the site gain through a high Google search ranking. It is also done through link building on sites on the web.


When we talk about measuring the reach and effectiveness of a traditional PR then we are talking about estimating how many people or viewers will be exposed to the PR and that will depend on the number of users who subscribe to or read that magazine or watch that channel or news.

Measuring of the effectiveness of a Digital PR is quite different. Tools like Moz’s Open site explorer are used to track engagement and also Google analytics is used to track how many visitors and users on a website are clicking through to the companies site or article.


Digital PR content take much less time that Traditional PR to get published. At most it is published well before 24 hours after the company submits press release.

When we talk about Traditional PR then more patience is required as Print and Video mediums require need longer lead time unless the PR is very urgent and news worthy.


The target area of a Traditional PR is mostly offline. They submit press release and Press conferences are held and events are organized while promoting the brand and company or if there is an announcement or launch to make. Also Traditional PR is almost always 1 way and there is a lack of dialogue and feedback and although it reaches a vast audience, its efficacy cannot be calculated objectively.

When we talk about Digital PR, the entire focus is on online visibility. Here carefully placed content networks with many search engines are tapped and they help in ensuring that the brands message reaches the target audience and also an optimization of an SEO takes place and the company page ranks well on Google search.

The focus of an online digital PR are usually digital publications, popular websites and popular interactive platforms as well.


The focus of a Traditional PR is mainly on mass media offline outlets like magazines, newspapers, radio and television. When we talk about digital PR then the focus of it is social media, blogs, popular websites and they distribute and spread the information about their company through these mediums.

Also while digital PR is interactive and 2 way, traditional PR is not and it becomes very challenging to find out the efficacy of traditional PR

On the other hand it is quite easy to measure the reach and efficacy of an online PR through tools freely available online.