All You Need To Know About Video Production

All You Need To Know About Video Production


Video is without doubt the most powerful form of advertising, as it incorporates audio and visual aspects. If made by a professional video production house, a short video film is the best way to get your brand’s message across. If you are thinking about commissioning a company to create a short marketing film, here is a brief guide to the various stages of video production, which come together to make the final cut.

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  1. Define your Objectives – This must be done before you start to think about scripts or story lines. Your goal might be to introduce your company, or perhaps a new product line, or even to describe a complex manufacturing process. When looking for marketing video production Brisbane companies offer, get in touch with an established and very successful video production company, as they have the ability to create something special.
  2. Creating the Script – Also known as the story board, the script will form the basis for the content, and the creative team would typically create a picture story board that takes you through each stage of the film. This would include choosing a setting, which might be indoors or outside, and once the script is approved, you can move onto the next stage. There are also some further reading online on the various stages of producing a marketing video, which is recommended reading for all those who are looking to create such a film.
  3. Pre-Production Planning – This would involve sourcing the location for filming, acquiring any permits required, sourcing the actors, choosing costumes and many other aspects that are necessary to shoot the raw footage. Every minor detail needs to be planned in advance. With shooting on location being so expensive these days, it is vital that everything you need is at hand.
  4. Shooting on Location – Once everything is ready, you can proceed with the actual filming, and the director will decide how many takes for each section, and the more takes you have, the more choices when you are in the post shooting production process.
  5. Post Shoot Production – This where the video editors work their magic, as they sift through the many different takes of each scene, and the director would play a major role, deciding which clips to use. Audio tracks and transitions are added, along with the rolling credits, until the director is happy with the finished product.
  6. Producing the Film in Various Formats – Ideally, the film will be produced in several formats that will allow it to be shown on the company website, copied to DVD and modified to be mobile device compatible.
  7. Distribution – The film will need to be distributed according to the marketing plan, and the production company would normally handle this stage. If you would like to explore the potential that a marketing video can offer, an online search will put you in touch with a leading video production company.

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If you enlist the help of a leading video production company, the finished product should put your message across in the best possible way, and by following the above steps, you will be more than happy with the final cut.

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