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AI in Content Marketing? Boon or Curse


Artificial Intelligence, in simple terms, is the ability of a computer program to think and learn. It encompasses human-like thinking, problem-solving, communication, and learning skills. The entire concept of AI emphasizes on creating machines that are able to interact with the surrounding without any human interference.

AI’s Impact on the Content Marketing Sphere

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are influencing content marketing in many significant ways. Looking at the growing prominence of these technologies, there is certainly more revolution that awaits the realm of content marketing in the coming future. Following are some of the ways that artificial intelligence is transforming the existing content marketing landscape:-

  • Personalization

One of the key functioning areas of AI is the ability to analyze and interpret an enormous amount of data seamlessly. This analysis can enable content marketers to understand the needs and expectations of their target audience in a more effective way.

Presently, the market is all about personalized experience and customers are only interested in seeing content that is relevant to them. AI can analyze and interpret a huge amount of data and help professionals segment it accordingly. Additionally, it can help them understand the audience better by identifying what platform they are using, what type of content they prefer, what they frequently search for, etc.

  • Content Marketing Strategy

AI marketing assistants are designed to streamline the content marketing process. There are various AI tools that help marketers build more effective strategies without having to put in the efforts. For instance, IBM Watson’s Lucy is a powerful tool that allows marketers to research, segment, and plan the marketing strategy in a matter of a few seconds.

Systems like Lucy can help companies save a lot of time and efforts in research that could be invested in building more effective marketing strategies.

  • Identifying Blog Topics

Coming up with unique topics to write about is a challenge in the content marketing domain. Content creators often spend hours searching for good and relevant topics. AI tools such as Blog Idea Generator, Link Bait Generator, ContentIdeator, etc., helps you find topics that are relevant to your niche. This way content creators can leave the topic generation part to technology and focus more on creating engaging content for users.

  • Identifying the Right Keywords

Identifying the right keywords for your online digital marketing campaigns and grouping them adequately can be a challenging and time-consuming task to accomplish. Keyword filtering with AI tools helps you quickly locate the relevant keywords that reflect your SEO or PPC objectives. These tools can identify patterns, topics, and user-intent that might go overlooked in a manual search.

Will AI Replace Content Marketers?

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, marketers can reduce the time they spend on analyzing the data and invest more time creating content marketing strategies, helping the company reach out to their potential customers and gain a competitive edge in the market. While AI certainly streamlines the content marketing process and makes it more effective, it is far from replacing the human quotient, i.e., content marketers.

In order to keep customers engaged, content marketing strategies demand creativity, ingenuity, and innovation that the artificial brain certainly cannot replicate. 




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