Advantages of using Aluminium Foam for Automotive Applications


Aluminium is shiny, silvery metal and it is the most extensive metal on earth. It is three times lighter than iron and highly durable metal. The metal plays a major role in making a car lightweight and more fuel-efficient. This material can be recycled very easily in comparison to the other metals. When we recycle aluminium, it saves a ton of energy, decreases the percentage of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere. Moreover, recycling aluminium decreases the amount of waste that is thrown away into the atmosphere. Nowadays, it is widely used in the automotive industry. There are various benefits of using aluminium as a core material in the production of cars. Many brands have started using this material due to its wide advantages. It is used in automotive industry for the production of different parts, such as the basic structure and body of the vehicle, wheels, headlights, condenser and pipes of the air conditioner, wiring, engine parts, magnets, etc.

In the automotive industry, it is widely used, as it meets the high requirement of making the vehicle light in weight. Also, it is highly recyclable metal. So if some cars are made from fresh, new metal, then the upcoming cars would be definitely made from recycled Aluminum Foam. It is a durable metal and no compromise is done with the safety of the car and the users. Energy absorption is also a major factor for using Alusion as a core material. It has good sound and energy absorbing properties which initiates the use of foam in the passenger cars.  It maintains a good combination of light weight and stiffness. Parts like trunk lids, engine hoods and sliding roofs should not undergo elastic deformation caused due to air. It also provides stiffness to the underside protection. It works as the best material for front and rear bumpers. It prevents sound transmission by up to 90%. Four scientific processes are involved in the production of this material, namely Melting, Air Injection, Casting, and Solidification. Very less energy is required to recycle aluminium. Almost 95% lesser energy is used in recycling this material than producing one ore of bauxite. In the earlier decades, only the luxurious automotive brands were using aluminium as a core material but in the recent times, rapid growth is noticed in the use of this material by the other brands which produce budget vehicles. The kind of fuel does not play any role in making the car fuel- efficient. The lightweight of the vehicles makes the car more fuel-efficient and the vehicle attains a top speed in lesser time. Aluminium corrodes lesser resulting in a longer life of the vehicle.

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