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Advantages of Temporary Structures for Small Businesses


Space to set up your business is one of the first factors to consider when planning on how to start a business. If you don’t own a premise where you can set up your business, then you will have to consider renting space or purchasing a premise. What you settle on will depend on the number of funds you have, the period of doing business, and the size of the company.

Constructing a permanent structure takes time, which may force you to postpone your business activities until the construction is completed. Building a permanent structure is also a costly affair. On the other hand, renting may take some time as the building has to be furnished for use. Moreover, in the long run, renting can be very expensive for your business.

Why You Should Consider a Temporary Structure?

Temporary structures are the best solution for new small business entrepreneurs who have fewer funds and need space to set up their business. Temporary structures are known to be fast, easy, and cost-effective to construct, hence giving you the space to begin your business operations as planned. Also, temporary structures are built from recycled materials and are environmentally friendly.

Temporary structures come in different types, sizes, and designs. Apart from that, they can be customized to suit any business activity. Temporary structures have both financial and environmental advantages.

Financial Benefits of Temporary Structures

Common economic benefits of temporary buildings are that they are cheaper to construct, time-saving, flexible, and have a quick return on investment.

Quick Return On Investment

Compared to a permanent structure, temporary buildings have a quick return on investment. This is because it takes a short period to construct, which saves you money and minimizes the stress of on-site machines that may disrupt business.


Constructing a temporary structure takes less time. For instance, Smart-space, the leading temporary building experts, promise to deliver within 7-21 days after receiving your order. Permanent structures may take too long to build since several procedures need to be followed.

Cheaper to Construct

Temporary buildings are cheaper to construct than permanent structures. This means that your business will begin operations in good time and without digging too much into your pockets to acquire space.


Temporary buildings can be adjusted to fit various needs such as more space. They are also portable. This means that if you need to transfer your business to a new city, then you can carry your temporary structure with you.

Environmental Benefits of Temporary Structures

Temporary structures aim at maintaining the environment. This means that they are environmentally friendly and may be constructed using recycled materials. Other environmental benefits of temporary structures are as follows.

The Ground Remains Intact

Unlike building permanent structures where the foundation requires ground displacement, in temporary structures, the building is placed on the ground, hence maintaining nature as it is.

Structures Are Equipped With Artificial Energy Systems

Most temporary structures are designed not to use electricity and entirely depend on solar systems. This makes the structure cheaper to maintain since there are no electricity bills.

During The Day, Temporary Structure Encourage the Use of Natural Light

Take an example of a temporary structure made from glass. This material allows natural light to pass through, making it possible to do different activities without using electricity.

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