Custom molders are always trying to find the best way so that they can establish their value on the customer and open a door to the business. And to establish the customer value one has to look for the competitive advantages. Technology is the only and best way to do this now. In the mould, decoration has such great advantages that molders can provide a creative solution to their customer. And it is possible because of low manufacturing cost and a wide range of opportunities over in mould decoration.

Here we are to analyze the wide range of benefits of in-mould decoration.

1. Quality of IMD over Other Method

You are going to have an upgraded quality of molding with IMD and IML as compared to the other method like pad printing. If you see it an economic point of view IMD is far more beneficial than pad printing. Pad printing is much time taking on the other hand the IMD process is very speedy. The general quality IMD is richer than pad printing or pad printing.

You will get a full and bright photographic image in IMD or IML for example. But you cannot achieve such a good image in molding using other methods.

2. Cost of IMD

The cost of the IMD process depends on which method you are using to mould. But the cost structure is always significant to the overall quality it serves. An example might make it clearer, if one is using flat sheet IMD, the cost is of parts, the film itself. But in the IML process, there is a requirement of handling and automation.

It is better to use automation on IMD job as the handloading is costlier. And like that, flat IML part is easier compared to 3D thermoformed parts. So the cost varies clearly in various processes of IMD and IML.

3. Timing

As the tools and automation process involved in IMD in mould decoration are multiple in numbers, one should understand the time taken to complete this kind of project together. The molder has the onus to talk to the customer and make them understand the time involved in such projects.  The de-bugging stage is one the most time consuming one in the process of molding decoration.

It is a great challenge to educate the customer about the benefits of IMD and IML in various aspects like cost, quality, and timing.  However, choosing the optimum substrate materials and the right kind of in-molding method are one of the major issues of IMD and IML.

You should choose the supplier having knowledge of IML and IMD can deliver the product on the required time so that the project can be successfully completed.  A label is also a very important factor of IMD just like substrate material. So the molders have to make sure that the label supplier is capable of providing the label on time.

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