Advantages of Combining Ionic and AngularJs Development Services

The Incredible Advantages of Combining Ionic and AngularJs Development Services


Over the years, it has been observed that the landscape of web development has completely changed. The use of mobile phones has replaced the traditional method of browsing. The mobile phone has given that authority and power to its users.  Great apps are being created by Ionic and AngularJs development companies with the help of combining the Ionic and AngularJs framework

Ionic is a front-end Software Development Kit (SDK) built on AngularJs framework. In case of Ionic, a single code can be used for a number of mobile platforms.

More about Ionic and AngularJS Development

Ionic has established itself as a necessity for the developers and development companies. It got several advantages as it helps in reducing the load of work on the developers. Basically, Ionic is a hybrid mobile application development platform. All thanks to Ionic because now developers don’t have to give much of their time in the coding process for the mobile platforms.

When Ionic was not developed, separate coding was required for Android, Windows and iOS operating system which used to take a lot of time of  developers but now with the same code all devices can be operated, not only that, it also saves the time of the developer, but it also contributes to saving the maintenance and development cost for the user.

Talking about AngularJs it came into existence in the year 2009 and since then it has made its presence felt on the market. Its concept revolves around HTML (Hypertext Mark-Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and JS (JavaScript) and is an open-source web application framework. It was designed for the simplification of front-end development and also helps in the maintenance.

There are several reasons to choose AngularJs for the projects. Allowing to create SPAs (Single page application) it’s an open-source framework. It has set up itself well in the market ever since it was launched in the year 2009 and today it is the most popular JavaScript framework.                                 

Combination of Ionic and AngularJS and its impact

The combination of AngularJs and Ionic is considered to be as the “It Couple” in the field of the development of the web application. It is with the help of this combination, all the applications in the play stores are made. A dozen of components are present in Ionic which has different functions. AngularJs help in the development of the JavaScript portions of the hybrid mobile apps.               

Benefits of Ionic

Transition in styling according to the platform in use is one of the major benefits of Ionic. It enhances the design and development part of the applications. It follows the specifically required guidelines according to the platform. One of the unique features of Ionic is that it builds the changes according to the device on which the application is running such as Android and iOS.

Built upon AngularJs it consists of HTML, JS and CSS tools thereby acting as a library. As it is comprised of such tools there is no requirement of certain development and coding process for the developer. A single code is good enough for the development of a web application combining Ionic and AngularJS. And, it can run on different mobile platforms.

It consists of several other features such as;

  • With the help of a single command on any platform, an application can be developed, tested and even deployed. The CLI function of Ionic provides this feature.
  • There are readymade components present in case of Ionic which can provide stylish themes to the developers. These themes attract users. The CSS and JavaScript tools combine together to provide this particular function.
  • Also, Ionic provides the best development and deployment which is the reason for its growing popularity and this is the reason it has established itself well in the market.

Benefit of AngularJs

Use of MVC architecture. MVC stands for Model View Controller, the concept of MVC architecture is used by the AngularJs for the development of web applications. All you need to do for this is to split the app and then everything will be taken care of by the AngularJs and MVC will be implemented to the app.

It performs several tasks such as-

  1. Maintenance of the data by the Model.
  2. Displaying of the data can be done with the help of View.
  3. The work of the controller is to establish a connection between the Model and the View.

In code styling

In the case of AngularJs,  it is Declarative paradigm which is used for the creation of the patterns. With the help of this, it becomes quite easy to read the codes. Also, it makes the code more lightweight. The necessary codes and results are only described, and there is no need to describe every element with the implementation of this code styling.

Binding of the data

A two-way binding data is used in the case of AngularJs i.e: if any change is made in the User Interface then it will lead to influencing objects of the application and vice versa. The necessary patterns are updated when there is a change in the module or action of the user on the page. However, one cannot expect the same thing from the other JS framework present.

Signing off! 

There are various benefits of using AngularJS in the combination of Ionic. One of the most important and probable benefits of using Ionic is to support web developers community. It helps them to build mobile applications easily and effortlessly.

 If you are a business owner, you can save a considerable amount of time as well as money. This powerful combination of mobile application development will rule the economy of mobile application development. And, it will without any doubt flourish in upcoming years. Thus, together both Ionic and AngularJs are user-friendly. Combining Ionic and AngularJS provide several benefits to the developers as well as the users. 

Sonal Mehta
Sonal is a Content Lead at SoluLab, USA based leading blockchain, mobile apps and software development agency, started by Ex vice president of Goldman Sachs, USA and Ex iOS lead engineer of Citrix. SoluLab help build startups - we are a no-sweat technical partner for early stage entrepreneurs to launch ideas from scratch and for later stage startups to build more quickly and affordably.