Advantages and Disadvantages of taking TOEFL Test

TOEFL exam
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TOEFL stands for Test of English as Foreign Language. It is an English language proficiency test that student all over the world to prove their understanding and efficiency of the language. TOEFL syllabus consists of four modules are reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The test is a trademark of ETS (Educational Testing Service), the organisation responsible for administration and assessing the TOEFL tests in more than 130 countries around the world. Along with its rival IELTS (International English Language Testing System), it is the most taken language proficiency test in the world.

If you are confused about whether to take TOEFL or no. Or if you should go for TOEFL or another language test, we have the list of advantages and disadvantages of TOEFL exam:

Advantages and Disadvantages of taking TOEFL Test

Advantages of Taking a TOEFL exam:

1. Accepted all over the world:

Most of the English Speaking countries in the world, like USA, Australia, and Canada accept TOEFL scores as their English language requirements parameter. TOEFL, as said earlier is taken in 130 countries, and is accepted in about 10000 Universities. The iBT, internet based test is taken in the most part of the world. But even where there are no internet facilities, the paper based tests are taken.

2. Easy Registration:

With the widespread test the TOEFL is, the reach of the test is almost everywhere. You can book the test online, and there will always be a test center nearby to book. The registration process itself is so convenient, that you can see the TOEFL test dates, centers and the available slots in one place.

3. Free TOEFL preparation:

Again, being popular helps! When the test is taken by the students all over the world, the resources to study and TOEFL preparation also increase. You can find the material to prepare for TOEFL online, in multiple forms. Practice makes a man perfect, and there is plenty to practice when it comes to TOEFL.

Disadvantages of taking TOEFL Exam:

1. You Have to Book Fast:

The only disadvantage of the wide spreading is, the slots for the test are booked lightning fast. Though the test is taken 50 times a year, you will have to book at least a month before the desired date to get a slot. Otherwise, you have to wait for the next round of bookings.

2. The Exam Duration:

TOEFL takes almost 5 hours to be completed. All the time, you are supposed to focus. Modules like listening and writing especially ask for more concentration from the candidates, and it is hard to sustain all the time for the longer period. You need to practice more and more keeping the continuity in mind.

3. Requires Good Computer skills:

Unlike IELTS, which is a pen and paper test, TOEFL iBT is completely computer based. You need to be familiar with the computer and systems, have good typing speed, and need to have a habit of reading from a digital screen. To add more, the speaking module is done on the microphone, compared to the personal testing in the IELTS.

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