Creating successful apps and earning profitable revenue is one of the main objectives of any organization. So, what is the key to the app’s success? Of course, the idea but beyond it, there are certain things that you must keep in mind to reach the goal. It is none other than marketing. An application will reach a large group of the audience only when the visibility and exposure get fortified.

This is possible only through the right marketing. When the visibility increases automatically the number of Monthly active users (MAU) will get increased by a large scale.

The art of enhancing the app’s potential

In order to maximize the reach of the application, it is important that you customize the app according to the different users from a different region. The mobile app localization is a great move to take the app closer to the audience. With the more number of audience exposure, automatically the number of downloads increases.

According to a study, it was revealed that mobile apps for startups resulted in 128% per country and amelioration of 26% in the revenue by following the localization method. The most exciting thing is that this result was achieved in just one week of time.  So, now we will go through the steps which are the major reason behind localization.

What is App localization all about?

App localization is modifying the content of the application according to your target people in that particular locality. There is a difference between app localization and internationalization. Many people will mistake between these two terms. Internationalization is nothing but making your app ready for localization.

In other words, it plays with the code of the app. Localization is the process of making changes to the content of the app, in a term understandable to your target audience. In other words, it takes you a step closer to the end audience.

How to start a Mobile App localization?

If you are in an idea to localize your app, then follow these steps to achieve your desired result. Here is the way to follow.

Begin with internationalization

As we have discussed early before we begin to localize, we must internationalize the application. This step ensures that your application is ready to get localized. By skipping this particular step you won’t be able to localize the app.

This is a must follow condition, which is why because; suppose if you hard-coded all the content then you will not be able to make changes to the content according to the different locales.

Hence, this is a must follow step which must be done parallel along with the development process. It won’t create any type of impact during the development process and also doesn’t involve much mess. But, if you follow it you will save a lot of time and money while you try to localize it.

Be precise on your target

The first thing that you must keep in your mind is to be choosy on your target audience. More accurate the estimations you make better the result will be. Just only you have decided to localize your app, it is not necessary that you must expand it everywhere.

Be clear and work it right. This is highly significant to maximize your return on investment. Make deep market research and choose the countries which are the best place to invest.

This will not only save money but also save you from investing in the wrong place and getting into crisis. For instance, if you have a soccer app, then choose the place where it is highly prevailing.

Check out the App analytics regularly

Data is the most important thing nowadays. Right from investment to marketing, the estimated number plays a vital role in making decisions.

Hence, periodically check out the analytics. For example, seek the place where the majority of your loyal customers come from. Follow the analytics to grow successfully.

Get feedback

Feedback is a great resource that helps in getting more ideas on the expansion of your business. Make the review option available to your every single customer.

If multiple people from the same region enjoy using your application then try expanding it in that area. If people are facing some kind of difficulties then counterfeit the issue immediately. This is a much beneficial idea to enhance the business to the next scale.

Try to find it from your competitors

Another best way to determine the areas where you should work on is by learning from the competitors. Research in-depth about your competitors and get insights into more astonishing aspects of your business.

You can also utilize the application to make it possible. App Annie is an awesome tool that gives s details on how your competitors perform in international markets. Using those data you have further work hard to find your strengths and weakness.

Addition of multiple languages

When you are done with all the research work, now you can begin adding up multiple languages. The first thing is to find the language to which the user belongs to. This is possible by coding to find their exact location with the help of Geocoder, to identify the location and make changes in the language accordingly.

Extract all the necessary data from the HTTP and accept the language header. Now it’s time to organize all your translation files for convenience and better approach. Optimize the translation routes and provide good content to the end users.