9 Rules Of Customer Service For Effective Business Growth

Rules of Customer Service

The prospect of delicious food attracts customers to your restaurant, and good service makes them come back again and again. If you practice the rule “the client is always right”, easily handle customer complaints, show the client your appreciation, then your business will be profitable. It does not matter how great the design of your restaurant is or how delicious your food is if the service does not meet the requirements of the customers and does not meet their expectations, because in this case, it is likely that they will not return to you. Customer service includes many different aspects of the everyday life of restaurants, far beyond the responsibilities of restaurant staff.

In this article, We have discovered here about 9 effective rules of customer service training that boost your business growth.

1. The customer is always right.

This is the first golden rule of business. Even if you think that the client is wrong, you should never, under any circumstances, tell him about it. Be attentive and sensitive, be patient and listen to their complaints or suggestions.

Problems will inevitably arise even in the best restaurants, and how you handle them will depend on whether the client returns to your restaurant or finds another.

2. Good service includes the entire restaurant staff.

The appearance of the restaurant is of great importance. But customer service requires the quality work of everyone, from technical personnel to cooks. Clean toilets, good food, and a friendly atmosphere make up a good restaurant service where every employee plays an important role.

3. Do not overdo the reservation.

If your restaurant provides table reservation services, be careful in choosing the time that you offer customers how close it is to each other. Nothing upsets customers like a reserved table for six in the evening and an offer to wait another 30 minutes in the restaurant.

Reasonable reservation of tables allows you to correctly allocate seats and not restart the kitchen. An unsuccessful reservation causes the restaurant to fill up too quickly and there is not enough space for visitors.

4. You need to understand how the tip system works.

A good indicator of customer satisfaction is always a good tip after a meal. Bad tips do not always reflect poor service, they can also be the cause of the quality of the dishes or the time taken to prepare them or other factors.

Some restaurants opt for joint tips; others allow their waiters to earn money on their own. For large parties or catering services, tips are usually added to the total bill.

5. Appreciate regular customers.

Does the couple have lunch at your restaurant every week? Does a bar lover come every day after work for a beer? Do not skimp, present several dishes or drinks at your expense to your regular customers. This will show them that you value them.

6. Always ask your customers to leave feedback.

“Did you like everything?” Such a question should be asked to all customers at least once during the service. However, not every visitor will feel good expressing their dissatisfaction verbally, therefore, it is worthwhile to invite the client to fill out a questionnaire, which will provide a valuable comment on the restaurant, both positive and negative.

It is unpleasant to hear criticism addressed to you, but this will allow you to make the necessary changes and improve the service. Do not forget to tell the client about it.

7. Learn how to respond to scandalous visitors.

Sometimes it happens to deal with a client who has drunk too much or is behaving inappropriately. Make sure that you and your employees know how to deal with lawbreakers effectively and safely.

8. Use social networks to improve customer service.

Social networks offer an easy and free way to attract customers. You can publish day and night promotions of your restaurant on your wall, put “like” on clients’ publications and send out invitations to restaurant events.

9. Repeat what you learned.

It’s time to put everything together and repeat once again the basic rules of good restaurant service.

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