Quora is Not The Only Site to Seek The Answers, Check out 9 More Sites to Get Answers for Your Query

Check out 9 More Sites to Get Answers for Your Query

Most of us turn to the internet to seek answers to our questions. And not always we find an answer by simply Googling it, sometimes we need a more detailed or specific answer to our query and this is why we turn to Quora. Quora is a platform where you post your queries and seek knowledge, in return enlightened people or experts would answer to your query.

It’s a forum where almost every kind of query is entertained. And sometimes the query itself is entertaining. In this article, you will find out that Quora is not the only site where you could seek answers to your questions. In fact, there are dozen of other similar forums that deal with question and answers.

Let’s find out what other sites are available on the internet that we probably didn’t know about.

1. Hubski


Hubski is a very good site not only to post your query on but also to discuss with like-minded people. You can extract information, get ideas, stories and what not. It is a very user-friendly website and one can easily access it.

2. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers

There was a time when reigned the internet. Some of the facilities by Yahoo are still prevailing, and Yahoo Answers is one of them. You can also seek information on Yahoo by uploading an image. Another good thing about using Yahoo is that you can post only publicly and not anonymously so rash talks or mocking of your query will be witnessed.

3. Steemit


Steemit is a blogging site where find high-quality content and reliable articles. You can easily post your own blog or article by getting a simple registration done. It is quite easy to share articles on social media with friends, too.


ASKfm is one of the most convenient sites just like Quora is. It is well designed for mobile phone for easy access. One can post a query both publically or anonymously. Anything or everything is answered on this site.

5. Stak Exchange

Stak Exchange

This another good site where plenty of information and knowledge already available. This user-friendly site is well suited for seeking knowledge just like you do at Quora. A number of questions are answered every day. You can both extract and share your knowledge at this platform.

6. Super User

Super User

Super User is from the Stak Exchange network only. It is the best site to seek IT related knowledge. If you have any query related to IT or computer applications it is the right place to come. Most of the IT professionals share their knowledge at this forum.

7. Blurtit


Blurtiti is an age-old site; it is around since 2006. Like any other question-answer site, you can seek an answer to any question you have in mind. Be it business, arts, health, career or any other sector, all kind of queries are entertained here.

8. Ask Me Help Desk

Ask Me Help Desk

Ask Me Help Desk tells all about it by its name. This site is not at all different than the help desk where you go to seek answers or ask queries. As the disclaimer on the site says you can ask questions, you can answer a question or be somebody’s hero. We are not sure to be about a hero here but, yeah, you can seek and give answers here.

9. Answer Bag

Answer Bag

Yeah, the site seems to have a lot of answers into their bag. At Answerbag, you can shoot questions heedlessly of any kind. We saw some funny questions also like the personal one on relationships or love or intimacy etc. Well, this is the benefits of such sites, another one’s question answers a lot many people’s query.

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