8 Reasons Why WordPress Could Be A Saviour For Your E-Business


WordPress, You may believe that this service is merely a blogging tool; a way for individuals to get their word out. It is most certainly a blogging tool, but it is so much more when put into the context of running an e-business. It no longer has to be something for one individual to share about their lives or opinions- it is a tool that you can use for a wide variety of beneficial effects.

1. Establishing Your Business Values

These days more than ever, people are looking for a business that they can feel comfortable about supporting. People vote with their wallet, and people want to vote for someone who shares their values. WordPress is a valuable resource for sharing what your business’s values are. This will attract a contingent of people who share the same values.

2. Sharing Testimonials

WordPress makes it easy to show a large showcase of testimonials. People who love your business and want to share that can have their positive feedback shown on WordPress to potential consumers.

3. Complete Customization

This may be by far one of the most important things that WordPress does for your business. WordPress is completely customization. You can custom fit your WordPress page to your business’s aesthetic and/or values. This can be made even easier if you drop a bit of an investment on, for example, a freelance WordPress designer to give your page a bit more flair and style.

4. Promotions & Offers

Doing promos through social media is very similar to doing a promo on WordPress! Don’t be afraid to let people comment on a post for a free or discounted product of yours. This will generate attention and get more WordPress users engaged in your content and your products. It may even lead to new subscribers.

5. Sharing as a Business Owner

These days, it can be good PR just to hear from the owner of the business. With WordPress, you have a direct link between yourself and your customers. It can be a good idea to come out and share your thoughts as the mind behind the business every now and then. Think of it as a press conference through text!

6. Showcasing the Vision

WordPress can be used to announce the direction that your business is headed in and give your customers and supporters a fairly consistent idea of what to expect in the future.

7. SEO Plugins

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important things that a business owner has to consider in the modern world. Certain WordPress plugins can make SEO easy on WordPress and do a whole lot of the work for you. Of course, if you’re willing to spend a little, you can get SEO tools along with other features in the Business Plan.

8. Built-in Business Plan

To top all of this off, WordPress has a built-in Business Plan that you can purchase. This grants access to a whole host of features, like Google Analytics, SEO tools that don’t even require a custom plugin, as well as all of the features that WordPress Premium offers. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you end up not liking it, it isn’t a very long-term

WordPress is another tool that you can use in your wide arsenal of business-related sites. WordPress not only gives you a direct line of contact to your customers but is also great for SEO and offers complete customization.

I am an international Digital Marketing SEO and content expert, helping brands and publishers grow through search engines. I am Outbrain's former SEO and Content Director and previously worked in the gaming, B2C and B2B industries for more than a decade.
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