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7 Typography Trends For Web Designing to Pursue in 2019


What determines the greatness of your portal’s UI? The cutting-edge features? Those futuristic plug-ins? Menu accessibility? Well, prior to each such aspect matters –

  • How well the site design is being able to ‘talk’ with every consumer
  • If or not your brand story is getting depicted to ‘netizens’ perfectly

Acknowledge that for those 75% online shoppers prioritizing domain’s overall aesthetics as the ‘key’ factor to select the parent brand –

  • It is more about ‘feeling’ the design, experiencing certain emotion(s) upon ‘landing’ rather than simply viewing it.

And to gratify this definite criterion, typography emerges as the prime designing spectrum to focus over. As vows a pre-eminent website design company Singapore:

  • Fonts enact as a UI’s voice to ‘speak’ with customers
  • They also represent the exact sentiment embedded within a commerce

In addition, as studies reveal –

  • The dynamic-ness/uniqueness of typography impacts upon a user’s mood and browsing behaviour, resulting in heightened website engagement ratio and even conversion for you.
  • Availing a new type is the easiest strategy to give a ready and perfect re-touch to domain’s same-old design and grasp the attention

Time for font evolution, correct? Acquaint the styles trending right now.

2019’s Top Impacting Typographies

#1 The Brutalism Buzz

In the opinion of the designing analyst at Vision Web Creations, to deliver one sound impact upon consumers’ minds and strengthen the scope of acquiring them –

  • Alarming their cognizance upon the very first impression is one fit approach to adopt.

And to this end, the Brutalist style comes up as your adept tool.  This specific font texture presents elements in a much direct and ‘edgy’ maneuver, which pierces the mind and ‘impels’ users to browse further.

Defying every standard designing rule, Brutalism imbibes a uniquely raw and revolutionary ‘tempo’ into your portal – highlighting nothing but the content.

The inherent visual friction and crudeness make your site stand-out amidst 1000s and eventually make ‘surf-time’ an enjoyment to all.

By expert-perspective, Brutalist fonts are much preferred for designing banners and innovative ‘first-time’ graphics.

# 2 Vintage Fonts, Really?

Yes! According to an esteemed website design company Singapore when to array own UI in a really ‘rich’ and regal manner, Vintage fonts stand matchless.

They infuse distinctive quotients of elegance and depth to web design – making interface aspects appear more articulate and implied – but with a dose of ‘swank’. An awe feel is evoked within users; capturing their attention for longer phases.

Best spectrums to apply them? For devising marketing logos, digital posters, e-brochures and during product designs.

# 3 Time to Stack the Text

How will you maintain the visual exquisiteness of a web page’s Hero image or header if not a crisp phrase or punchy one-liners but multiple text lines require to get embedded into it? In such a scene, the tactic is to not to opt for any particular typography type but pursue the distinctive strategy of Stacking Text Blocks. It is an exclusive ‘hack’ to exhibit volumes of information by a visually attractive fashion.

‘Word-heavy’ messages synced in with UI graphics can make exploration tedious for ‘netizens’ inclusive of the agony of traffic getting ‘bounced’. However, stacking acts as an antidote to this issue – rather heightening the imagery enticement.  The asymmetrical ‘equilibrium’ created between the texts and visuals immediately strikes the mind.

In effect, you accomplish a greater percentage of beneficent user engagement.

Just, when deploying it, be aware of –

  • Use a font sort that is prominent and aptly readable
  • Maintain the exact line spacing for effortless recognition
  • Imbibe a lucid sequence of ‘break within-s’; so that without getting diverted users ‘carry on’ from one line to another
  • Establish a harmony between each textual and image element with respect to dimension balance, corresponding colour textures, brightness, etc

# 4 What About Being Quirky?

Doubtful whether the font style will suit your brand’s ‘built-in’ vibe? What proclaim the revered website design services Singapore is that –

  • A UI representing fervor of playfulness
  • Surfing features appearing to be actually ‘cool’
  • Funkiness ‘splashed in’ across the site design

Appear so very welcoming to consumers – as they experience a refreshing feel amidst the monotony and ‘heaviness’ of real life. Browsing through your site becomes a delightful experience for them; you therein experiencing returning quality traffic inclusive of most probable lead generation.

Resort to quirky fonts for announcing –

  • New Product(s) and fresh site feature
  • Launch of a certain long-time demanded service (on-site or in-store)
  • Especial coupons, ‘Just-for-the-Day’ Sale
  • Social media events with niche influencers, celebrities, company staffs

and any such aspect that appears as a solution to consumer problems or delivers an instant potion of happiness to their heart.

# 5 Hour of AR, Hour for 3D Fonts

Savvy about the exact typography to chose and complement your AR-themed site design? How much futile will all the designing endeavors turn if the fonts fail to ‘naturally connect’ with the dimension-defying ambiance around it?

At a time when photo-realism, immersive experiences and space distortion come up as designing essentialities to deliver a power-packed first impression within that 50 milliseconds span –

  • Conventional font varieties no longer ‘fit in’; creating the requisite for their 3D counterparts to appear.

3D typography bestows an exclusive dose of ‘life’ into letters, enhancing the overall ‘feel’ of the website to a true ‘next level’.

It aids designers to experiment with diverse unconventional angles, never-though-of twists and turns over texts and thereby offer a hypnotic spell to ‘netizens’ – difficult for them to divert attention from.

Furthermore, in the view of pros, with regards to UX personalization in the upcoming future, 3D fonts are going to play one prime role.

Endeavor to use them for:

  • Brand’s social media emblems
  • Digital promotional campaigns
  • Virtual illustrations and
  • Within videos and at media transcripts

# 6 The Overlay Effect

Minimalist but not dull-to-look-at. One difficult to accomplish layout? Not essentially if you opt for the overlay typography style while devising the UI. In accordance with the most veteran web design company in Singapore, this unique transparent lettering format integrates an exclusive illustrative appeal to your designing structure. Users get to –

  • View the background story via the fonts and simultaneously read the texts; experiencing one spontaneous and integrated browsing.

The typeface turns suit-est to implement for accent photos, as video themes, thematic silhouettes for purpose-oriented landing pages and with larger-than-life headings.

Nevertheless, remember:

  • Overlay fonts are better to be deployed over CTA texts and punch-lines; that is when information is not ‘too much’
  • They do not attune well with way-too-heavy surround designing effects that tend to obscure their engagingness

# 7 Hand-Lettering Rules

A one-of-a-kind and incomparable website design, which perfectly represents your brand persona. Isn’t this a persistent desire from the day you have started own digital journey?

Tailor-made hand-lettered fonts can perfectly foster this wish. The definitive artistry and aesthetics inherent to each such typeface variety provide uniqueness and grace to the UI – to be tactically utilized by you for upholding own brand individuality. Furthermore, since the typography can be fine-tuned to any dimension, tone, and form– you accomplish an exclusive ‘typo’ style, hard to replicate.

It serves as your identity, letting consumers to instantly recognize the commerce even amidst 100 others. A thumbs-up choice for heightening brand awareness.

Some prevalent examples include –

  • Chantal Light
  • Flood Std Regular
  • Bagatelle Semibold
  • Adobe Handwriting Tiffany

These are the 7 most ‘buzzing’ font textures popularly pursued by brands and start-ups to cut ‘the edge’ with own UI. Select any at pace with own commercial vision – only remaining aware about:

  • Not clouding readability with way-too-much ingenuity
  • Typography highlighting site content instead of overwhelming it
  • Words not appearing crooked or literally broken
  • Maintenance of overall legible transparency to prevent any user confusion
  • The typeface is attuned to the formal/serious/informal/jovial attitude of your brand and target market

Font-nurtured success to your future!