7 Ideas for Maximizing Profits with Facebook Video Ads

Maximizing Profits with Facebook Video Ads

To remain on peoples’ minds. That’s the new mantra every company in this age lives by. However, it is not easy to do that these days. There are so many brands out there. The competition is so fierce that one has to put in a great effort to break through the clutter. And you would have witnessed it yourself. The moment you log in to any social media account, you see a plethora of ads. The same happens to me as well. When I logged into Facebook, I came across HughesNet Internet service ad, sneakers ads by Adidas, and a makeup tutorial. All this within a minute of logging in my account. A bit annoyed, I logged out. The marketers are also aware of this human psychology. Hence, they look for ways to design ads that maximize profits.

In today’s blog, let’s look at some idea to maximize your profits via Facebook video ads.

Let Mimes Be Your Inspiration

If there is anything that you would want to invest thought in that would be coming up with ideas for videos that do not require sound. You might think that it is pretty boring to view a soundless video. But let’s face it. Not all of you at all times view videos in the comfort of your homes. Moreover, not all of you carry earplugs at all times with yourselves as well. Under such instances, you would not want to irritate the other person with things he is not interested in hearing.

So, you see the sound is not appropriate under any circumstances. Therefore, your videos should be such that the viewers can watch (and enjoy) them even without sound. And if you think that your video makes absolutely no sense without sound, try adding captions. This practice will be of use to you. Because according to studies, captions increase the video view time by an average of 12%.

CPM Bidding and Autoplay

At times advertisers refrain from putting their ads on autoplay.

Well, Facebook is not the place where you would want to practice that. Don’t shy away from putting your ads on autoplay on this social media platform. Here’s why. The browsers already have enough distractions on Facebook to divert them away from your ad. Under such instance, if your ad does not play automatically, they won’t bother playing it themselves. You understand human psychology here? Therefore, the best way by which you can engage your audience is putting your ads on autoplay. Once the ad plays (and if it is interesting enough), the viewers will watch it for themselves. However, to be eligible for this, you will have to bid using CPM (cost per impressions).

Do not Beat about the Bush

One thing that annoys the hell out of a viewer is YOU taking time to get to the point. To be honest, no one has the spare time to watch an hour-long ad (exaggerated much) only to realize that all this time to were trying to sell peanuts. Seriously, no one is that free. So, a better practice is to get to the point as soon as the ad starts. Or maybe 3-4 seconds into it. You will be able to grab the attention of viewers in this way. Moreover, the video should not be long either. Because the time span of a video is inversely proportional to the number of people watching it.

Precise and short.

That’s what your videos should be.

Flaunt Your Best

This is very important. You should advertise your content that has performed well elsewhere. And to determine this, answer a couple of the following questions:

  • Which videos performed well on your website?
  • Videos performed pretty good on Facebook (organically)?
  • Webinars drove the most engagement?
  • What interests your audience?

Once you answer these questions, you are ready to launch your best on Facebook. Provided that you have correctly identified the needs of your audience. Consider the play rate and engagement of your already shot videos. This will help you pick up the ones worth putting your money behind.

Become a Screenwriter

Not literally, but yeah think like one.

You are there to promote your product or your service. But the audience should not feel that way. The last thing you would want is for your video to look promotional. Although, it is but convey the message in a less promotional way. However, your ads should fulfill the following criteria to be categorized as great:

  • Be authentic.
  • Play on emotion.
  • Be relatable.
  • Be entertaining.

Mange to bring these all qualities together. And get ready to experience the fame that comes when an ad campaign goes viral.

Optimization of Ad Title and Description

If you want people to view your ad, in the first place, get creative. And not just with the videos but with the titles as well. Attractive and unique titles attract people. And not just the titles but the descriptions should attract the audience as well. They should be such that the instant the viewers read it, they get an idea of what to expect from the ad. Apart from this, try to add keywords in your titles as well. Because the titles and descriptions that you add feed information to Facebook’s algorithms. So, the more trending and relevant keywords you use, the better you rank.


Include the CTA in the middle of your ad if you want the viewers to take an action. If you put it at the beginning of your video, you lose out on an opportunity to grab the attention of your viewer. By the time your audience has reached the middle of the video, they are ready to take action. And you want to take advantage of that.

And for this, you should grab the attention of your audience in the first 2-3 seconds. Some of the many engaging that I came across recently include HughesNet Satellite Internet ad on Facebook. Apart from that, I was impressed by Nike’s and Tom Ford’s ad campaigns. The precision and effectiveness of these ads were remarkable.

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