6 Office Supplies That You Shouldn’t Live Without

Office Supplies

Although people rely too much on their laptops or smartphones nowadays, office supplies are still as important as they were and, it might even be more helpful. Whether you are studying, conducting business, or simply just jotting down reminders,

There are Office supplies that should not be absent in our daily lives.

1. Pens

Office pen

Probably the most important office and school supply in everyone’s lives, a pen is necessary to write down information. The most common pen in the market is the ball-point pen, although there are other types of pen such as the fountain pen and the gel pen that serves other purposes. For instance, the Pilot Fineliner (which is a felt-tip pen) is excellent for drawing, but not much on note-taking because of its bleed-through.

2. Paper

Office Paper

What is a pen without paper? This material is made from fibers harvested from trees. Another essential office supply, carbon-neutral papers are used for printing, drawing, or just simply writing down notes. Recycled papers are also in-demand and available in various sizes. Consumers can buy these papers in bulk or reams, depending on their needs.

Newsprint papers and tissue papers are among the common types of papers available in the market. The former, as the name implies, is mostly used for newspapers and pamphlets while the latter is more for sanitary uses.

3. Planners

Office Planners

Planners help organize thoughts, activities, and put in reminders, and come in various sizes and diary forms. According to, planners help people with time management and increase their productivity. Planners and diaries can also help in dealing with stress.

Writing down all our thoughts in a planner or a diary can stop the overwhelming feeling brought on by our jobs or our studies. A planner can also unleash a person’s creativity as it encourages writing, doodling, and drawing.

4. Paper Clips

Paper Clips

Paper clips collate printed documents and organize them into a neat pile. But other than that, there are surprising uses for these small pieces of Office supplies. For instance, paper clips can remove hair from hairbrushes by unfolding one side and let the remaining coil be the one to remove hair.

Another life hack from paper clips is it can be used as a bookmark and as a letter opener. The thin metal used for paper clips can do so much it can even unclog a salt shaker or even remove cherry pits.

5. Stapler


Like the paper clip, the stapler holds documents together. But unlike the paper clip, the stapler holds documents permanently through a staple wire. Staplers are very important, especially when doing business so that each legal or financial document will not be lost or misplaced.

Aside from binding documents to each other permanently, staplers can also attach documents and objects in bulletin boards and other surfaces. Some staplers can even open envelopes, and others are specifically for binding booklets. They come in small and big sizes.

6. Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are square-shaped paper with a re-adherable strip on one end. These pieces of paper are so popular that people are often using it for quick reminders or as a substitute for greeting cards. According to an article written by Huffington Post, the usage of sticky notes is still important in the advent of smartphones because it is highly-persuasive.