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6 Best Blogging Topics for Viral Posts

Make Your Posts Go Viral

You may have your blog for a monetary or non-monetary purpose, but one wish that is common to all bloggers is to have a large reader-base. We all write to be read, and the reality is that most of the beginners at blogging quit their dream of becoming a successful blogger only because they fail to gain visitors on their website. From time to time, viral posts on your site can not only help it to stay alive but also make it extremely popular.

Through the information here, we intend to tell you the best blogging topics that will make your posts viral in no time. We will be keeping the ideas to as simple as they can be; such that they can be applied to every niche.

By reading this post, you will be having a fair amount of idea about the best blogging topics for your website without having to change your expertise or writing style.

1. Latest News

Whatever your niche is, you can always bank upon the most recent news regarding your field to come up with exciting and most searched topics. For example, if the technology is your forte, then you can post stuff about the latest innovations in news and how could they affect the readers. People want to stay updated on the latest happenings around the globe.

While news channels are supposed to be the prime source of such valuable information, they often fail to be exciting or easily understandable to the readers. You can make the most of this flaw of news websites especially if your niche gets lesser attention by them. Regularly post easily understandable content that is in the news on your blog and see the reader numbers grow.

2. Social Media Trends

You can make the use of social media trends to come up with viral topics. Be it a meme or any other pattern, trends on social media go on for weeks. Like, if your niche is sports, you could create a post related to #10YearChallenge of famous athletes.

Using the trends or patterns that are popular will make your content likable and more relatable to the readers. Not only that but doing this will also increase the chances of social media users of coming across your posts as they go through the trends.

3. Opinion Posts

Opinion posts are also another way to get attention. You could create blog posts where you put forth your opinion on different happenings around the world. Many famous bloggers often deliberately create content that contradicts popular opinion usually upsetting people but leading them to read more of their articles. It is a way of using controversies to get your blog popular, but you can stick to honest opinions if such stuff is not your cup of tea.

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4. Product Reviews

The Internet is full of consumers who are continually looking for the right products and services for themselves. You can start writing product reviews of popular product launches that will not only attract the readers on your blog, but also the advertisers.

For example, if your niche is about website or blog development, you can write about WordPress hosting reviews, best themes, and different blogging tips. Letting people know about your blog under social media posts of product pages could divert much traffic on your website, and people will keep coming back for reviews on other products once they build trust on your site.

5. How-To Posts

Whenever people are trying to do anything new to them, the first thing they do is to check the internet for instructions. With the How-To posts, you can showcase your expertise in your niche and get readers to visit you more often. Such articles go viral if you create a how-to post for the latest trends.

If gaming is your area of interest, then you can choose topics about walkthroughs of different games or how to score more points on a particular level. By making sure that it follows the latest trend, your how-to articles will go viral in very less time.

6. Clickbait Posts

Although not considered as the best practice in blogging, click-baits are still very useful in achieving a more significant number of readers. Click-baits are in-a-way deceiving for the viewers, but if your content on the website is valuable to them, then they barely complain about it.

Titles like, ‘this secret Bitcoin hack will make you a millionaire in 7 days’, compels readers to click on links and check your post. It is a useful method of generating views on your website, but make sure not to make a mistake by not adding value to your post and ignoring the reader.

So, these are some quick suggestions on how to choose the best blogging topics for viral posts. We are sure that if they are applied correctly, your blog will become a machine of producing viral content. Check out our other blogging tips to boost your blog viewers.

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