Fashion is not showing-off, it is the lifestyle of an individual. A clothing style that some individual opt for does depends on what the person can afford. But it’s the style which speaks up for a person before any kind of conversation. When you are in India you can get away with the same style throughout the year, if you are in southern part of India. But you need to update your closet for the winters if you are living in the Northern part of the India, where the winters are much aggressive. With a wide range of the clothing options available in the market, choosing a right one can become a heck of a task. But because you have landed on this blog page, it is most likely that you were having a hard time deciding what style to wear this winter. Lucky you, we have shortlisted the available styles to the five must-wear winter styles for men and women.

Five Styles for women to wear this winter:

  1. Woolen Kurti with Leggings
  2. Sweater Crop top with Denim Jeans
  3. Traditional Indian Suit with Shawl
  4. Quilted Jacket with Jeans and Top
  5. Long Coat over the traditional or western wear
  1. Woolen Kurti with Leggings: kurti is something which suit with any Indian female, no matter the age. Although the cotton kurti is not ideal in the winter season but woolen one is the way to go. You can pair it with the leggings, considering that you are wearing the thermal wear. Thermal wear is ideal as they won’t add bulk while protecting you from cold. Woolen kurti with leggings would be comfortable with most of the Indian ladies. And your usual sandal will go right with the attire.
  2. Sweater Crop Top with Denim Jeans: This is not the one to opt, if you want something traditional to wear. Do not forget to add the thermal wear as a base layer to protect you from the cold. A solid colour sweater crop top is suggested, with some minimal design at most. Pair them with the black or blue denim jeans. And compliment the style with the boots, gloves, scarf and a beanie.
  3. Traditional Indian Suit with Shawl: No matter if you are wearing a kurti or the more traditional saree, Shawl can fit perfectly on the. There are variety of shawls available ranging from the knit shawls to the Kashmiri shawls. The shawls that women use is specifically called stole. Shawls like the Pashmina are the best one available, being as thin as possible while keeping the lady warm inside. You can literally just wrap yourself in the shawl, no matter the style you’re rocking beneath.
  4. Quilted Jacket with Jeans and Top: Wearing a top with the denim is like the universally favourite attire among the women. And it does look good on every girl, but it might not be all that you need if the temperature drop further down. You can cover yourself in the quilted jacket, over the jeans and top. And the quilted jacket will fit with the jeans and top style like it is some piece of a puzzle.
  5. Long Coat over the traditional or western wear: Another clothing accessory that will go just fine with anything you wear is the Long coat. No matter if you are wearing a saree or the jeans, the long coat will add up the extra layer of warm-protection and the style statement to your current dress.

Five styles for men to wear this winter:

  1. Sweater with Denim Jeans
  2. Jacket over the full-sleeve shirt and jeans
  3. Scarf is a must
  4. Overcoat over Formal Wears
  5. Leather Shoes to warm feet
  1. Sweater with Denim Jeans: Just the shirts over the thermal wear won’t cut the cold. You will need to layer the clothing to save yourself from the freezing cold winters. Sweaters over the thermals will give you some extra protection from the cold. And let’s be honest, sweater looks good with jeans. Compliment the style with the Beanie and leather boots. They will not only save you from cold but also will add a style statement.
  2. Jacket over the full-sleeve shirt and Jeans: Just like the previous style, you can choose to wear a jacket over your dress, instead of the sweater. If it isn’t the 5 degrees outside, you can choose to keep the front of the jacket open. And if it is really cold, you can layer the jacket over the sweater. You choose either from the leather jacket of the puffed, feather-filed one. It really comes down to the personal preference.
  3. Scarf is a must: You got your chest and legs covers with the sweater, thermals and jacket and those clothing will do their work of keeping the chest and legs warm. But scarf is must to save your neck from the cold. Adding a nice woolen scarf to your winter clothing collection is highly suggested. Scarf will not only help you keep your neck warm but also will add a style statement to your dress. Come-on, scarfs are soft and warm and makes you look many times better.
  4. Overcoat over Formal Wear: You’re not dressing up for a casual walk outside instead you are leaving for some office party. So, you will be wearing the formal dress like the custom-tailored shirt and pants. We suggest you hold up the collars of the shirt with the Tie. Wear a grey sweater with some subtle design pattern, over the shirt. And add the final layer of the Overcoat over to complete you formal winter style. This one is a classic and will never go out of fashion.
  5. Leather Shoes to warm feet: Feet are sensitive to the cold weather and choosing the right pair of shoe can become a heck of a task. Casual fabric or canvas shoe won’t help in such cold season. We suggest you grab yourself a couple pair of the leather shoes. Leather are a great material to have you winter footwear in. While the black shoe will look good with your formal style, the camel or tan leather shoes will look great with your casual styles.

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