5 Reasons why your SEO improvements are very slow
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5 Reasons Why Your SEO Improvements Are Very Slow


Even after giving your utmost, not achieving the expected result could be a hard one to grasp. This happens especially in the SEO campaign, which could be brain breaking. When you see everyone around you moving over with good ranks, while you get stuck with the same page can be terribly horrible.

Check out the following points, luckily one or two from this might be a problem that you are facing. Along with the issues, the solution is also discussed right here.

Hence, you are on the right page and scroll down now to find more.

Maybe you are looking for faster results

Although you have given you 100% SEO works need a lot of time to show the expected result. You may lack the patience to wait for your results. SEO are not things that can be achieved overnight. It is a long term hard work that has been put into action.

So, understand the practical delay and wait for your turn. If you had the chance to hear from the SEO companies you may notice that they mentioned, it took around 4-6 months to visualize the results. When you witness the result, you will automatically notice it growing over time.

Hence, the solution for this is approaching in a realistic way. You can check out the results from day 1 but remember that it takes time and keep tracking it continuously for some period of time. Even after the 6th month if you did not find any improvement then take the next step to solve the problem.

You may be missing out social media

Social media marketing doesn’t create a direct impact on SEO benefits. Instead, it offers several other advantages that lay a strong foundation for your growth. The links from social media never pass on directly but it will increase the visibility, traffic and fortifies the connection to the audience. This, in turn, will boost search ranking by a large scale.

Before it gets too late, get the idea of utilizing social media to your business. Begin by searching out the sites that your target users are utilizing and establish your presence. For promoting and distributing the contents, social media is a great platform.

Unfocussed over internal linking

Today many people miss out to understand the importance of the internal linking. It is one of the key strategies that can be employed to crawl over the sites efficiently.

But many people lack to make that effort today. By adding the internal link the users who go through the content might find the related content quickly adding value to your other similar work.   

Explore all the topics that lie around the particular content available over the display and relate it at some space. This may seem to be a small work but will show you drastic results. Make good use of the anchor text that benefits both SEO and the user.

Are you retargeting a competitive keyword?

Be as realistic as possible while choosing the keywords. If you stand one in the large crowd targeting for the same keyword then your rank might face a severe attack. Although you make it somehow, it takes a matter of seconds for someone top with a huge budget to divert all the SERP towards him.

So, be smart while choosing the keyword. Seek for the words that are searched by a decent number of people. Not the ones that have heavy competition which will obviously put all your hard work go in vain.

You missed consulting analytics

Always get used to the habit of consulting the analytics. This is a great idea, to make a frequent check whether your SEO strategies are working fine or not. Sometimes you may also miss out great opportunities for increasing the traffic if you missed looking after the analytics.

Try to make checking the analytics to be a part of your work habit. So you will never miss seeing which keyword drive more attention, traffic, and conversions. You will be able to directly work on those and replicate them.

You pay more attention to keyword than content

Some people still believe that they can earn rankings by filling up a particular article with keywords and mere content to improve the ranking. But this is will lead to a complete disaster. Nowadays Google is smarter than what they think. The Google Pandas algorithm can easily recognize the flaw and completely penalize all the work.

Keywords are the significant one, but the thin content cannot serve you the purpose. Choose the topic and add keyword and a lot of phrases. Only this method of work can earn you the desired result.  

Maybe your content lacks the length?

Length of the content is also a factor of consideration nowadays when it comes for ranking. According to the Search metrics’ 2015 Ranking Factors report, the top ranking contents were those which had 1100-1300 words of length on an average.

Stop producing thin contents and keep an eye over the word count of the content too. Try to be more comprehensive and maintain at least 1100 words of content. Also, there is an additional tip that excellent contents with less number and adding up something new to the content can also increase the rank.

Did you automate the creation of the title?

Suppose if you are working on a site with a huge number of pages, naturally, you may feel it much difficult to do every bits and piece of work manually. The tiresomeness may tempt you to automate certain work process leading to the generation of a computerized title. This will create a bad impact on ranking.

Although the work may look hard, try dividing the work and do it manually this is the preferable solution.

I am an international Digital Marketing SEO and content expert, helping brands and publishers grow through search engines. I am Outbrain's former SEO and Content Director and previously worked in the gaming, B2C and B2B industries for more than a decade.
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