5 Digital Marketing jobs that Will Be Most In-demand in 2019
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5 Digital Marketing Jobs That Will Be Most In-Demand In 2019


Gone are the days when marketing was limited to print media, radio and television ads, and traditional advertisement. Marketing has now opened doors to both new and relatively established roles, especially digital marketing. Nowadays, the job roles in the field of marketing are much more growth-oriented, data-centric, content-driven and product-savvy.

With every brand and organization going digital, the role of a digital marketer has become even more important. The skills required to be a good marketer are vast, but with the right training, anyone can succeed in the field.

Today, there are a number of online certifications, digital marketing courses and freelance opportunities available that can provide you with real-world experience. And once you have mastered the skills through these platforms, it is easy to get a job in any good organization.

There’s no doubt that the availability of jobs for digital marketers is increasing, both locally and globally, and if you are seeking an opportunity in the same.

Here are the top 5 digital marketing jobs that will be in demand in 2019

1. Content Curators and Strategists

Content marketing is the key to getting your brand recognized in the market. Any agency or digital marketing team which is catering to multiple brands has a well-established content team, and Knock! Knock! – That’s your opportunity. Content curators and strategists do much more than just writing and managing social media posts.

Their area of work is vast, like building a strategy to create SEO-friendly content, organizing and managing content across email-marketing, paid media, SMS marketing and measuring content effectiveness. This is one of the most important digital marketing skills which can be credited as the key to success for any business.

A sound content marketing strategy combined with the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) practices is the best bet for a business to rank high in Google’s search results. The content should be informative, relevant, error-free and not over-stuffed with keywords.

2. Social Media Strategists

Now, after the content has been produced and delivered for promotion, there has to be someone who should be able to market it across all social media channels. From start-ups to established enterprises, every organization needs a social media strategist who will promote their brand successfully on all social platforms.

This is undoubtedly one of the finest digital marketing jobs that one could engage in, all you need is the right training. Social media is an imperative part of marketing that offers a massive opportunity for marketers to reach a wide set of audience.

Where social media marketing started off with a free global reach, Facebook advertising changed the game completely. And to land a job in the field of paid marketing, it is important you understand how to monitor and optimize paid ads so as to maximize RoI (Return on Investment).

3. Data Analyst

While marketing jobs do involve wearing creative hats at all times, there might be some cases where a marketer would need an in-depth understanding of statistics and trends. With so much data to handle and tends to be forecasted, there is a need for data analysts, who could crunch numbers, build dashboards and help in the marketing efforts.

Now, all your marketing strategies will go in vain if you do not know how to analyze the data that you collect from different media channels. Therefore, make sure you master the data analysis part before calling yourself a true marketer.

There are various digital marketing courses available online that can help you with the hands-on learning of various tools being used for digital marketing analysis.

4. Growth Hacker

This role is somewhat similar to that of a data analyst but is more hypotheses driven. They help build strategies that are creative and are inclined towards retention in mind.

Their Key Responsibility Area (KRA) is to understand the way a potential customer behaves online, and use that data to build strategy so as to retain that customer for a longer run.

5. Email Marketing Specialists

This role requires you to be well versed with marketing as well as copywriting and editing. You will have to work on product launches, campaigns and various PR activities using customer data from an extensive database.

An email marketing specialist should be able to generate lead and thus, get desired open and click rate. You can learn about digital marketing through an Executive Digital Marketing Certificate Program offered by XLRI, MICA & IIM Jammu.

While the digital market is expanding and updating every day, it is difficult to master every skill set. But if you focus on honing the above-mentioned skills, you will stay ahead of the game.

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