5 Anime To Watch If You Love Sailor Moon

5 Anime To Watch If You Love Sailor Moon

Even if you’re not aware of anime, I’m sure you’d be aware of one of the most popular Anime manga series, Sailor Moon. The character Usagi Tsukino herself has managed to win a lot of her fans’ hearts and become one of the most popular female superheroes of all time. Due to this series hitting the top charts, other anime series has kept Sailor moon as an inspiration to create magical heroes like her.

Hence, if you’re looking for other series such as Sailor moon, we’ve got quite a list for you here.

1. Princess Tutu

This story is based on a girl who possesses magical powers. She turns from a duck to a girl, and then to a beautiful ballet dancer. Princess Tutu’s plot is significantly more lovely and convincing than Sailor Moon’s, some say, as the loving sentiments are increasingly entangled, relatable, and eccentric than the latter’s.

This is an active proposal for fans who can manage a slightly superficial hero and an airy, cutesy atmosphere. This series has music, twists and suspense altogether blended perfectly. So head on to this series and find out why ‘prince’s heart is shattered? And who is trying to collect it for him?

2. Magic Knight Rayearth

This series stars three magical girls, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu. These three friends are headed for an enjoyable trip to Tokyo when Princess Emeraude summons them to the distant world of Cephiro, who needs their help saving her. They are provided with magical weapons, armors and are called to be “Magic Knights”

Rather than sailors school uniforms, the Magic Knights here wear the coat style uniform which becomes an additional part of their personality and protective layer for a specific period. It is fun and contacting to perceive how far the connections between the three young ladies bloom before the finish of season 1. As far as the catalysts, I am certain; watchers can value the pace and feel. This series has an impeccable soundtrack and a more seasoned character style.

3. Akazukin Chacha

This anime series is based on fairytales. The hero, chacha is raised to become a witch. An evil king rules her kingdom. The person who raised chacha provides with magical amulets that represent love, courage, and hope to her and her friends and in a series of event, they all now have to save the kingdom.

Chacha somewhat resembles Unagi in her personality traits, I think. She is a bit silly and clumsy too, making the character more fun to look at.

4. Wedding peach

The trio of Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku are ordinary middle school young ladies wanting to get their hands on the captain of the soccer crew and live a typical adolescent life. Be that as it may, destiny and dimensional risk from the Devil World attack earth and need to spread loathe. From the Angel World, a pretty man named Lime picks the students as the Love Angels.

Momoko is the titled Wedding Peach, Yuri is Wedding Lily, and Hinagiku is Wedding Daisy, every single direct interpretation of their names. Together they delete the despise and spread the adoration. Perhaps the best addition is Kotono Mitsuishi, Sailor Moon’s voice on-screen character who has outdone his job.

5. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolution Girl Utena’s 39-episodes series shows the voyage of a reliable willed middle school young lady who uses magical sword duels to save another young lady. The show’s rivals are not generally what they give off an impression of being, and Utena’s relationship advance, waver and are torn to shreds now and then.

Utena has a large number of a similar staff that worked at the original Sailor Moon anime and keeping in mind that it has a portion of indistinguishable pacing and filler entanglements from the first Sailor Moon, it likewise does numerous things right.